What are the health benefits of taking yoga?

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Whenever I do yoga, my joints seem to get a little achy. And I’m not old, I’m not even 20. Is it because I’m locking my elbows and knees too much? Also, I’d like to know some of the health benefits of doing yoga regularly. Is it true that it helps your body get rid of toxins?

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wel i do not know much about yoga but check out some websites like yoga.com or google it.

Hannibal the Cannibal

Yoga helps stimulate various glands, like your lymph nodes, which do help your body properly process out all the junk in your body.
As for your joints, it’s because they’re weak. Make sure that you are doing the poses correctly, and adjust them if you need to. Your body will adjust, just keep at it.


My mom takes yoga. She is turning 50 soon. She loves it. It calms her down and allows her a better frame of mind to deal with my brothers (who can be quite a hassle sometimes). It is great exercise for her, she also runs a lot and her yoga has really improved her running. It lengthens the muscles and creates power in the core (solar plexus) which is key for running, standing up straight, and supporting your back. You really shouldn’t experience joint pain from yoga. It’s all about muscles. Try changing the way you breathe while you’re doing it, and definitely try not to lock your joints. I would suggest going to a beginner class where the instructors can offer constructive criticism to your positions and style. That way you can make sure what you’re doing is helping your body, and not hurting it. No pain, no gain does not apply to yoga at all. It’s all about relaxing, finding an inner calm, and strengthening your muscles to support you in ways that most people can’t. Good luck with that!


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