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What are the healing effects of a citrine gemstone for people that have actually seen results?

Bye the way, if you think my question is silly, then don’t answer. Judgmental bitches that probably hate their own lives need not comment.


  1. Citrine is yellow quartz crystal. The energy frequency is yellow light. The colour yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra in the body. Placing the crystal over this area will help to energize this chakra. This chakra supports the spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver on a physiological level. On a mental level the chakra supports the development of rationality and intelligence.
    I have not used this specific crystal before but rather the white quartz crystal. Together with meditation, it brings about a calming of the mind and clarity of thinking.

  2. The healing effects are placebo.
    Crystals are awesome rocks, but they have no magic healing properties.
    Ask Mantra for some actual evidence to support his new age whacky claims, otherwise its anecdotal, possibly made up information only.
    It also an affront to science, medicine and rational thinking.

  3. What Mantra said about the healing powers of citrine is right on, however citrine is actually quite rare in it’s true form, so please buy from a reputable supplier. True citrine is very pale, and has defined points. Darker yellow or brown stones that are frequently sold as citrine are actually heat treated amethyst and are not suited for citrine healing. I wear a citrine stone daily to help with keeping a clear open mind.

  4. There are none. Not being judgmental, just being rationalist. You’ll have a hard time finding verifiable results because, well, there really aren’t any in favor of crystals.


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