Home Discussion Forum What are the first steps in creating a spell?

What are the first steps in creating a spell?

What are the first steps in using magick for the first time?


  1. Log in to your realm on wow. Find a spell and choose it, then right click on that unsuspecting critter you got your eye on. Mwuahahahaha.

  2. for real…..stop the fantasy world you live in…this is no harry potter scenario……and dont tamper with the unknown you will regret it

  3. First you have to say julio. Then you get some water and some root beer and mix them. Next drink it and say what you want the spell to do at the same time… have fun.

  4. you must pray to the Prince of Darkness for the dark power to cast the spell, and you must give him a blood sacrifice, like a rat or a squirrel (lamb is ideal, but i realize its hard to obtain).

  5. Wow, everyone has been SOOO helpful, haven’t they? *eyeroll*
    The first thing you need is to know EXACTLY what you want. How it looks, feels, everything. Unless you have a clear definition of what you want, you can’t get it with magic.
    You need to not have the intention of altering anyone’s free will. This is why love spells on another person will never work AND bring bad karma.
    Once you know what you want and have no intention of altering someone else’s free will, then a basic candle spell is your best option. Write down on a piece of paper what it is that you want. Make it detailed! Take a candle (it can be any kind, taper, votive, anything) and set it in a holder. Out loud, read what you wrote on your paper. Fold the paper 4 times and place it under the candle holder. Light the candle and let it burn out.

  6. first you need to know that real spell come from the heart not the mind and the you need to know what you want finally you write it. the spell doesn’t have to rhyme but it needs to clearly state what you want.

  7. wow im sure someone has anwsered you question , but serioulsy why are these people being so stupid UGH
    i hate closed minded idiotic morons


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