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What are the exact benefits of doing meditation?

I’m 20 and in college. My concentration power is poor for which I am struggling in my studies. So I really want to improve my concentration. Secondly I really want to go and talk with a girl who is one year my junior in my college but is lacking the courage to do so at present. Can these problems be solved my meditation?


  1. The effectiveness of meditation comes from the fact that one can achieve a state of deep relaxation in just a few minutes. When we settle down into a state of deep relaxation, the body and mind are refreshed and revitalized. This gives us many good effects that are both immediate and long lasting.Health Benefits of Regular Meditation Include:
    -Lower Blood Pressure
    -Better Sleep
    -Less Anxiety
    -Faster healing
    -Decreased substance abuse
    -Lower Cholesterol
    -Stronger Immune Response

  2. hello there
    First the meditation..
    Meditation leads to ultimate inner peace and enlightened feeling. When our day-to-day activities and schedules are making us restless and when we are always running to achieve results to succeed in our respective fields, we are not getting sufficient time to remain on our natural self.
    Our busy routine is making way for several unhealthy practices and disorders such as stress, tension, irritation, etc. This is probably the reason why several people are considering doing meditation to spend time with their inner self and experience the height of spirituality. There are numerous physical and psychological benefits of meditation. Some of its advantages are given below.
    Health Benefits
    These days you will find quite a few yoga and meditation centers and the purpose of those centers is not just providing spiritual practice. It deals with proper lifestyle management and protects us from several menacing diseases. Meditation provides higher level of relaxation and hence it slows down the heart rate and increase blood flow. Meditation also reduces blood lactate levels and thus it avoids anxiety attacks. Level of blood pressure stays normal due to meditation.
    If the level of serotonin is low in our body, then it can lead to insomnia, headaches, depression and even obesity. Meditation increases the production of serotonin in our body. It also helps us to maintain stronger immune system by destroying cancer and bacteria cells naturally. If someone has gone through operation, meditation helps effectively in quick healing. Meditation is also useful for chronic disorders such as arthritis and allergies.
    Concentration, Confidence and Happiness
    Concentration is the key to success, whether you are studying, working or just playing. Meditation increases our concentration level and thus we gain confidence in our respective fields of work. This combination of concentration and confidence leads to happiness. Happiness gives ultimate peace of mind and helps us stay away from negativity.
    Meditation thus teaches us to remain positive and learn the essence of life. It helps us to gradually discover the purpose of life and thus we become more spontaneous and creative to deal with different situations successfully.
    Second – Talking to that girl.
    Go to see her and do small talk. Choose something absolutely non threatening to talk about – kinda small talk. Do it even if you have butterflies – but remember keep it to small talk and small things. You can talk about yourself quite a bit, just talk about the things you like. Keep your first interactions short and simple. When you will feel less threatened and she will know you more, then go for a coffee together !

  3. The benefits of doing meditation vary from person to person, depending how much you put it into practice. If you learn how to meditate properly, the energy felt recharges everything that has been drained from overworking, stress, lethargy. it improves your immune system. and you have total clarity and harmony with yourself. If you are knowing yourself you would have all the courage in the world.


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