What are the effects on meditation, because when I meditate for the first time. I had my legs folded.?

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because when I meditated for the first time. I had my legs folded and I was sitted straight up then I was focus on clearing my mind. All the a sudden my feets felt numb like energy was builting up. So, is that good or bad was my chakra in affect or what? Because that feeling in my feets gave me a good vibration.

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Hah I suppose, or else you were cutting off the circulation in your legs with your posture… 😉


a feeling of numbness in the extremities can be considered a sign that you are doing something right. That was a feeling I had to get use to. Try sitting in a recliner or comfortable chair without having your legs folded and see what happens. The reason for a recliner or comfortable chair, at least for me, is that I have to be able to relax and not fall asleep, lol. Good luck.

Lady Ivy ~ SoCal Witch

There’s a good chance you were cutting off the circlulation to your feet, if you were actually feeling numb. I’ve found that once I really start meditating, my whole body feels like buzzing. My guess it would start at your most open chakra. If your root chakra is the most open or balanced, it might make sense to why your feet felt buzzy. If they weren’t falling asleep!


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