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What are the different types of Witchcraft?

So far I have only read about Wicca and Stregheria, but there must be other types. And even Wicca is divided into different denominations. What kinds of witchcraft are still practiced in modern times?


  1. In modern days witchcraft is only practiced by people with mental and/or personality issues.
    I don’t understand how people can believe in that stuff. But, if you want to believe in it then go ahead. It is your time to waste, after all.

  2. you know, there are other forms of man-hating than witchcraft. ever thought about just being a lesbian and be done with it?

  3. Honestly people could you just answer this person’s question instead of berating her choice?
    Here goes a list of what I have found:
    Kitchen Witch
    Ceremonial Witchcraft
    Celtic Wicca
    Eclectic Witch
    British Traditional Witch
    Alexandrian Tradition
    Gardenian Tradition
    Dianic Tradition
    Solitary Witch
    Strega Witch
    There you go. That’s probably not all of them but that is what I could find.

  4. Substance Abuse is one. The word for witchcraft in the Bible is the greek word Pharmakia where we get our work Pharmacy. In this case it’s talking about using drugs to attain an altered state of consciousness.
    People can spiritually oppress someone when they pray fervently for something to happen rather than that their God’s will be done.
    So it mostly about the psyche or mind and using it to exert power over people, places and things.
    Specific definitions or labels? when something goes wrong people want something to blame, and if they have a superstitious bent, they can open all kinds of cans of worms.
    I do like Wicca because it says – Do what you will an’ it harm none.
    Christ was accused of getting his power to drive out demons from the devil.
    It’s like magic, not always what it appears. The word water won’t make you wet. But there are somethings science can’t explain (they don’t know everything, but like to feel they do)

  5. The word “witchcraft” is actually specific to one type of magical practice. The word originates from Old English “wiccecraeft” or “wiccacraeft” (gender specific terms. A man practiced wiccacraeft and a woman practiced wiccecraeft. In both cases, the “cc” was pronounced “tch”). These terms meant “craft of the wise” and described the magical craft of the ancient Anglo-Saxons. Back then, a witch knew about the various uses of herbs for healing. They practiced as midwives, counselors, and spellworkers. They manipulated energy to cause change in the world. Many cultures used magic, but witchcraft refers only to the practices of pre-Christian England. Other magical practices include Vodou, Shamanism, Wizardry (also called Ceremonial Magic), Stregheria (I know you know this one, but I wanted to point out that technically it’s another magical practice, not really witchcraft) and Santeria. There are as many magical practices as there are cultures around the world. Almost every culture had their own system of magic, these are just the more popular ones practiced today. It wasn’t until the Christians came around and started labeling all non-Christians with the same names that witchcraft became a word that referred to any kind of magic. Today, there are different types of witchcraft practiced like: Kitchen witchcraft, Hedge witchcraft, British Traditional Witchcraft (this one is also a religion), and others that have some sort of root in Anglo-Saxon traditions.
    I also want to mention that Wicca is not a form of witchcraft, but a religion that often includes witchcraft. There are Wiccans who are not witches, and many witches who are not Wiccan. I hope that helps.
    Venus Bless


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