Home Discussion Forum What are the different traditions associated with being a witch?

What are the different traditions associated with being a witch?

What are the different traditions associated with being a witch?
I understand that there are several different types of witches, and I am curious to know the differences between the types…
What are the more common traditions?
Where can I find more information?


  1. A better question would be what isn’t a type of witch. There are literally hundreds of “types” or traditions. At least one or two for every god-construct there has ever been. As for the difference, not so many differences. The best way to research it is to pick a god-construct and research the witches that follow it. Then move on from there. Good luck.

  2. First of all, there is nothing keeping a witch or wizard from being of any faith. Some of the most famous “magic-users” have come from even the Abrihmic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). the use of Magic(k) is as much of a lifestyle choice–if not more so–than it is a devotion to a religion.
    With that said, nearly every culture has had their wise men and women…each having their own traditions.
    Within the Wiccan religion/tradition, howvere, there are several traditions. In fact, each of the covens/organizations will have some minor differences. Of the major divisions that I know of, there are several Gardenian sects of Wicca, Pict Wicce and Faerie Wicca. I’m not sure of the spelings of these nor am I sure of the differnces entailed. In additinon to the formal divisions, there are a lot of solitaries out there, each having some slightly different beliefs and traditions.

  3. The different types of Witches:
    Strega,Solitary,Pow-Wow,Caledonii Tradition,Hereditary,
    Pictish,Dianic Tradition,Gardenarian Tradition,Alexandrian Tradition,British Traditional,Eclectic,Celtic Wicca,Satanic,
    Ceremonial Witchcraft,Kitchen(check the links for the description)

  4. There are no traditions associated with being a witch. Witchcraft is not a religion. It is a spiritual (personal) path one follows. One who is a witch may also choose to follow a religious belief system.
    That is, not all Pagans are witches, and not all witches are Pagan. There are some witches who practice Christianity.
    Being a witch is a lifestyle choice, a way of “being,” it is a personal and therefore individual endeavor, and thus spiritual rather than religious in nature.
    If you are looking for the types of alternative belief systems that many witches choose to participate in, here are a few major ones:
    Celtic Shamanism
    There are many, many more of these belief systems, too many to list. What you can do is explore and research the umbrella term “Paganism” to find all kinds of information…
    And you can also go to:
    for a place to start looking learning the names of the various Pagan belief systems.


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