What are the different styles of yoga and what do they focus on?

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I know there is a type for weight loss and such, and I was wondering what are all of the different styles of yoga and what do they do for the body?
All I know when it comes to terminology is hatha, and I’m not even sure what that does lol. I don’t know the terms so if someone could explain those too I’d appreciate it.
I’m really interested to know if any type of yoga can give outer (as well as inner) strength and stamina. If there is such a thing could you please tell me more?
Thanks in advance!

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cutie girlie

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Check out: http://fittv.discovery.com/fansites/namaste/namaste.html
there are many forms of yoga for different things.

Dances with Buddha

I’ve never come across a list of Hatha yoga styles that claimed to be complete, but here are a couple longer lists I’ve seen.
You mentioned seeking inner strength, so you may want to be aware that the practice of the physical postures (asana) is a small component of the complete yogic path as it originated in India.
In the Western hemisphere, many students are only interested in achieving the physical health benefits that regular asana practice can bring.
Therefore, frequently that is the limit to which it is taught by many Western teachers.
In India, yoga meant much more than only practicing asana;
Asana was meant to be practiced in conjunction with other yogic practices as a holistic path to develop a person’s full human potential (self-realization).
You may find the answer by “rhwyogi” here of interest: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ak3n6Py418EW4Y0PLMbjM_QjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080701005831AAdls0b
I recommend you learn as much as you can about the different styles and try to determine what you wish to learn.
Then investigate whether a teacher in that style is available near you.
You may find there is not a teacher for every style readily available to you.
In my opinion, finding a teacher you relate to well is somewhat more important than the style.
Best wishes.


Refer this site for simple yoga techniques you can do anywhere anytime


Nice site on Yoga:


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