Home Discussion Forum What are the different styles of meditation and how are they done?

What are the different styles of meditation and how are they done?

For example, Zen meditation, or Mantra meditation.
Which ones do you think are best?
Do the different styles invoke different feelings or effects?
I’m sorry for all the questions just curious. =)


  1. Some people like to have some ambient noise in the background but I never understood that. Personally I prefer just to find a dark room, close my eyes for a bit, and clear my mind of thoughts. It’s a very good way of resting your mind for a minute or two after relentlessly working your brain for a few hours. If you need to concentrate on something your breathing is a common, effective, and soothing.
    It doesn’t have to be anything special. It just has to give your mind a minute or two of rest so that you’re back to full afterwards.

  2. All meditation is a form of auto-hypnosis. All are equally good – depends what you want to do with your new peaceful inner self. Mantra meditation drives other people mad – it’s supposed to be boring, so that it puts you into a hypnotic state. Please don’t inflict it on others :0)

  3. take extra precaution for laymen, it not that easy to achieve it ultimate effect without guidance from a reputable meditation school.

  4. There is relaxation meditation (not sure the actual name) but it is where you go from muscle to muscle (top to bottom) and relax it until you are completely relaxed
    mantra: where you repeat a word or phrase to help lull you into a “trance” state
    breathing: you simply regulate your breathing in a rhythmic way (ie. breathe in for hold release for
    Music: you listen to a song to block out everything else, usually a mix with the breathing one
    and there are others that use different chemicals (such as relaxants, hallucinogens…etc)

  5. Actually, Mantra Meditation does not require that one say the mantra outloud. In fact, in some practices, the mantra is believed to lose power if voiced. The intent is actually not to bore the mind, it is to focus the mind and remove distractions.
    Meditation can actually be practiced in any way that feels comfortable. There is a style of meditation, where one focuses on an object, it can be any object. Candle meditation is an example of this – focusing on the flame. Sometimes one reads a passage and thinks on it for a bit. Sometimes one clears the mind – mantras are helpful in this.


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