Home Discussion Forum What are the different paths of Shamanism?

What are the different paths of Shamanism?

Example Celtic Shaman, etc.


  1. Almost every culture has, or has had in the past, a type of Shamanistic tradition. In Africa you have what some call “witch doctors”. Siberia had its shamans, but Siberian shamanism died out long ago. (The word “shaman” originated in Siberia.) Australian aborigines have their version. There are South American shamans. North America has its Native American “medicine” men and women. The list goes on. Its rather hard to pin down, so many cultures and so many traditions even within the same culture. ~ Peace & Blessings ~

  2. most cultures have or have had a shamanic tradition, except for sub-Saharan Africa, they have very unique beliefs for some reason.

  3. The celts did not have shamans the closest thing (depending on the area i will be using Ireland for this) Had the Draoi but the term doesn’t exist in any of the goidelic languages so saying you’re a celtic shaman is incorrect and disrespectful to the ancestors just saying..


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