What are the different names for the Buddha? Please help asap?





What do you think the names indicate?


  1. The personal names of the Buddha are:
    1. given name: Siddharta (“he who achieves his aim”)
    2. family name: Gautama
    3. clan name: Shakya
    4. commonly called Shakyamuni (“the wise of the Shakya clan”)
    Some of the general names/epithets of every fully enlightened buddha, Shakyamuni as well as others (there are many more):
    1. Tathagata (“thus-gone”)
    2. Arhat (“worthy”)
    3. Samyaksambuddha (“fully and completely awakened”)
    4. Vidyacaranasampanna (“accomplished in knowledge and virtuous conduct”)
    5. Sugata (” well-gone”)
    6. Lokavid (“knower of worlds”)
    7. Anuttarah purusadamyasarathih (“unsurpassed guide for those who need restraint”)
    8. Sasta devamanusyanam (“teacher of gods and humans”)
    9. Buddha (“awakened”)
    10. Bhagavat (“blessed”)
    These meanings are taken from Paul J Griffiths: “On Being Buddha. The Classical Doctrine of Buddhahood” (State University of New York, 1994), Chapter 3.2 “Titles and Epiphets of the Buddha”:
    For more one the meaning of Tathagata, see my answer to his question:

  2. well as a practictioner of Ch’an Shaolin Buddhism and Indian Buddhism. The one most know as buddha is Gautam Siddhartha but as he stated there were many before him and many after him no one know how many exact but some are promonent like Damo/bodhidhamra the founder of zen(Ch’an) another way to explain this is the 1 only buddha reincarnates himself. remember Buddha is anyone who has been awakened to the truth/enlightenment at that most they are part of god too 🙂 I doubt MANY of these but here are some people who claim they are buddhas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Buddha_claimants
    I wouldn’t trust for 2 reasons 1. its wiki -.- 2. its probably fake.
    hope I could help,
    (buddha bless you)

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