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What are the differences between Taoism, Buddhism and Zen?


  1. I can tell you what is the same they are false teachings that lead to hell.Only god can lead you to heaven and bring peace in Your heart.

  2. Taoism is an animistic type religion, focusing on nature, and the lessons we can learn from it. Be like water- go with the flow. Shape to the container you are in. It was started around 500 BC in China.
    Buddhism was also started around 500 BC in India and tells us how to reach enlightenment by stopping desire.
    Zen is a branch of Buddhism in Japan I believe that has some really cool mental exercises.
    Edit: Also, although people have added gods to these, they were originally philosophies on how to live life.

  3. Don’t listen to those who say that they will lead you to hell. They are just religions, and the main part is, you won’t go to hell as long as you do good.

  4. ~~~ Rachel,,,, Taoism is the concept of following The Natural Flow of Nature and contributing to that Harmony of Balance, some calling it a Nature Religion. Because of so many variations in The Human Psyche, this leads to wide Interpretations of “What is Natural?”,,,Buddhism is a Structured Path of Taoist Principles which includes a Structured Guidance of how the Human Psyche deals with it’s Environment and the Transcendance of Ego. ,,,Zen is a “State of Being and/or Awareness” that someones attains to in a Spontaneous Moment or by Meditative Intentions. Zen is also a State of Egoless-ness, if you will,,,


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