Sunday, September 26, 2021

What are the differences between Tai Chi Chin Na and Shaolin Chin Na?

please let me clarify. i know what tai chi is, and i know what shaolin is. i also know what chin na is. i don’t know what is different between:
(a) chin na as used by tai chi practitioners
and (b) chin na as used by shaolin kung fu practitioners


  1. The differences are very subtle but the mechanics are similar. Chin na (grappling/joint manipulation/grabbing) is a very subtle but painfully effective “humane” way of ending a fight as it is meant to dislocate, disarm, inflict intense pain, break bones, immobilize without causing loss of life. It is not used by itself. It is set up by a series of strikes and other techniques to disguise a chin na attack. The differences lie in the setup and transition to chin na. Shaolin chin na is more likely to have a physically brutal setup while tai chi practitioner will likely have an opponent off balance before they apply chin na.

  2. The Origin. Tai Chi originates from Taoist “Wu Daon” and Shaolin style is a mix of Indian origin and chinese buddist monks.
    “Chin Na” literally means catch and apprehend. It’s just a type of grappling technique in the standing position. It is less extensive than Jujishu or wrestling and there are many styles of kung fu that incoporate some of it in various ways and forms.


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