What are the differences between Runes and Tarot cards?

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I heard runes were easier to read. That’s about it.

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John Williams

Rune (Rune) or a text or northern Europe, said London Classical, Luna Si (Runes) / London Legend has it that the text created by the Aoting were divided into three groups of eight letters, each letter has its own meaning and represent myth. The main existing knowledge into ancient writing system Lun Lun Wen, new, and Anglo-Saxon Lun Lun Man, this is ancient Shao Jie Lun Wen.
Tarot is an ancient divination tool of western, popular in Europe since the Middle Ages, the status equivalent to China’s “Book of Changes”, its origin remains a mystery. A total of 78 Tarot cards, of which 22 Acre that card, generally used to explain the fate of fortune, a small card that 56 Acre, more detailed information can be divine, to compensate for the inadequacies of the former.
The difference between them I do not understand, if anyone knows, please tell me.


Both can be used as divination tools. Runes have been around for longer than tarot cards and have a very rich lore attached to them, but tarots cards might be offering a more subtle and detailed reading. Chose the one you feel more connected to.


Tarot cards and runes are both used for divination, but they are two completely different animals. Tarot cards are based on imagery, and are primarily used for divination alone (although magical use is not entirely unheard of). Most tarot decks have 78 cards, including twenty two Major Arcana cards (including the Fool), and four Minor Arcana suits with fourteen cards each. The system of images is complex and deeply symbolic. You could spend years meditating on each one; they’re an excellent way to communicate with both yourself and the universe.
Runes are pieces of the universe. They can be used in divination, but they function equally well as tools of magic, or galdr. To master a rune is to master that piece of reality, and gain control over that aspect of your life. For instance the rune Fehu, is wealth, so the deeper you are attuned to that rune, the more magical influence you can wield over your finances. While Tarot cards are purely visual, the runes function on both a visual and aural level. Each rune can be activated by either writing it’s form, or by intoning its name. By singing the name of a rune, you release its power into your working. For more information on the specifics of rune magic, I recommend reading “Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson.
Here is a list of the runes in the Elder Futhark and a brief overview of their basic energies. The runes are in three categories, known as Aetts.Freyr/Freyja’s Aett
Fehu: Wealth
Uruz: Strength
Thurisaz: Thorn
Ansuz: The god Woden, Wisdom
Raidho: Travel
Kenaz: Torch (controlled fire)
Gebo: Gift
Wunjo: Joy
Heimdall’s Aett
Hagalaz: Hail
Nauthiz: Need
Isa: Ice
Jera: A year, a complete harvest cycle
Eihwaz: Yew tree, protection
Peorth (Pertho): Luck, fate
Algiz: Elk, protection
Sowilo: The sun, success.
Tyr’s Aett
Tiwaz: The god Tiw/Tyr, justice
Berkano: The goddess Berchta, birth, female fertility
Ehwaz: Two horses, transportation
Mannaz: Mankind, the self
Laguz: Water
Ingwaz: The god Ing, male fertility
Dagaz: Day, or dawn
Othala: Ancestral inheritance
One thing that tarot and runes have in common, is that meditation on either system provides a deeper understanding of yourself, fate and the nature of reality. Which one is better? The one that you connect with is the one that will show you what you need to know. Both systems are pathways to understanding if you apply patience and ponder their mysteries.


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