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What are the differences between ressurection and reincarnation?


  1. o
    ressurection is true
    reincarnation is not
    ressurection therefore being true is the only one of validity
    after death you will be ressurected in bodily form
    those written in the LAMBS book of Life will forever eat at the LORDS table and sing to GOD the FATHER
    those blotted out of the LAMBS book of LIFE will be cast into HELL

  2. Resurrection is rising from the dead and living forever…hopefully in heaven.
    Reincarnation is coming back to earth after death as another person or lesser being, in another life. More like recycling.

  3. resurection is the regaining of life by one who was once dead. Reincarnation is the person of a dead being living again in a different, new being. Resurection you are still you, just better. Reincarnation you are no longer you… and not necessarily better

  4. Ressurection is when that which was dead somehow becomes alive again. Reincarnation is when the soul of a dead organism is reborn in the form of a new organism.

  5. Resurrection is real and is something everyone will experience.
    Reincarnation is ficticious and no one will experience it.
    “…a man is appointed ONCE to die, and then comes the judgement.”

  6. the difference isnt in definition, its in its use and what the person is insinuating . when someone talks about “reincarnation” they are most likely talking about , coming back as a human or other living thing, when “ressurection” is most likely to be reffering to the belief that you will come back to life as the same person you are now, to be saved or not

  7. Reincarnation means that your soul is recycling time and again down through the centuries as you live sequential lives. Resurrection means that you have this life to live and then you are dead, awaiting the ressurection to be raised to life again to face judgement and either recieve the gift of life eternal or to recieve the punishment of being destroyed once and for all. Love in Christ, ~J~

  8. Resurrection is a one time thing, and returns you to the body you had before, although perhaps repaired and made nice. Reincarnation gives you a whole new life, new parents, new genetic makeup, everything. And you get as many of them as you need to get it right.

  9. Resurrection is when you die and become undead (i.e. rise up from the dead).
    Reincarnation is when you die and get born as someone or something else (e.g. a newborn baby or a cow).
    Neither has any evidence to support that it occurs outside of the imagination, although the god-believers may argue that their bibe is evidence for resurrection (if you happen to accept the bible as valid evidence).

  10. If you mean what is the difference between the Christian view of going to Heaven and a pagan view of reincarnation, then resurrection is a one time, one chance thing, while reincarnation involves several lives on earth in different forms, with each life another opportunity to become perfect.
    So, even with reincarnation a person will eventually enter a permanent, heavenly state (some call it Summerland).

  11. At the Resurrection, our bodies and souls will be reunited. It is natural for one’s body and one’s soul to be together. That’s how God created us.
    The (false) teaching of reincarnation holds that a soul leaves a body at death and enters another body.

  12. You come back in a new lifeorm on Earth which is why some believe lifeorms should not be harmed as they might be reincarnated people. The form you come back in depends onhow you behaved during your life this is Karma. Ressurection the dead come straight back to life as they were no eventual meeting up of people who knew eachother in past lives.

  13. There is life in the spirit. It is a resurrected life. We are raised from the dead into a new life orchestrated by God. We have only one life here on earth and then the judgement.

  14. Reincarnation means you get a fresh body similar to those that have been in use for millenia.
    Resurrection bodies have super powers, like the ability to walk through walls, walk on water, and probably survive nicely without an atmosphere. Call it a major upgrade.

  15. Resurrection, means to rise up, the rising again of ones body. Reincarnation means to come back from the dead as somebody else or maybe even in non human form.
    Jesus was resurrected, the tomb was empty remember, he is our Saviour, The Bible is the true word of God. No other book can make that claim. They have found copies of some parts of the bible buried in caves in Egypt. Islam is based on a dead man, Jesus is not dead, he stands at the right hand of the Father, he died on the cross as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. Read the Gospel of John.

  16. Ressurection = same ‘you’ returns to your once dead, now risen body.
    Reincarnation = same ‘you’ leaves a dead body and returns into a different newly birthed one.


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