what are the differences between qigong and tai chi ?

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i know they help you with breathing and stress exercises but how do they differentiate ?

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Bluto Blutarsky79

1- quigong is a load of crap.
2- tai chi CAN be but is not always (actually finding a legit tai chi teacher is rare) taught as a legitimate martial art with legitimate techniques (most of which help your stand up throwing ability).


Qigong is an activity done for the cultivation of qi. Qigong itself is not a martial art, but some martial arts promote qigong.
Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art of its own, that promotes qigong.
Qigong is purely meditative, and can be done sitting and with no movement. If it is done with movement, those movements do not necessarily translate into any movement that would be applicable in an actual fight. Tai Chi Chuan on the other hand, has movements that when fully understood and practiced well, could be used to defend ones self.
Simply put.

David N

Qi Gong is a MEDITATIVE practice and Tai Chi is a MARTIAL ART.


qigong is breathing and meditating for your chi. Its not a martial art. Any kung fu style can have qigong. Tai chi has forms and is a martial arts..


I agree with three of the people here. I can only provide an addendum to their answers.
QiGong is an umbrella term divided into 4 major categories and training Goals:
1. Scholar QiGong – Styles in this category were developed by scholars and their main purpose is maintaining health. They emphasize having an emotionally neutral, healthy mind and smooth Qi circulation.
2. Healing or Medical QiGong – This category was created mainly by Chinese medical doctors. Special exercises were created to emphasize the Qi circulation in specific channels in order to cure specific illnesses.
3. Martial QiGong – The goal of this category is to energize the physical and energy bodies to a more vigorous state in order to increase fighting ability. Most of the exercises in this category were created by QiGong practitioners who were martial artists.
4. Religious QiGong – This type of Chi Kung was developed mainly by Buddhist and Taoist monks. The original goal of religious Chi Kung was enlightenment or Buddhahood. Later, when the training techniques were revealed to laymen, it was discovered that this type of QiGong was very effective for longevity… For the monks, leading Chi to the brain to raise up the Shen is the key to enlightenment.
Internal martial arts QiGong are adaptations from from other QiGong Categories. Taijiquan is based on Taiji philosophy which is both scholarly and religious. Baguazhang is based on Bagua philosophy (It’s complicated – you tell me). XingYiQuan is based in 5 elements philosophy adapted by Marshall Yeuh Fei for war time manuevers (much like SunTzu’s Art of War).
From my experience, XingYiQuan is based in healing QiGong, but is adapted to martial philosophy. “Tai Chi” is only the tip of the iceburg. Don’t let any instructor put blinders on you like a horse who must follow a single path. The singular most important philosophy before investing in anything is “Buy the book before the coin.”


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