Sunday, September 26, 2021

What are the differences between Astral Projection, Etheric Projection, and Obe's?

What are the differences of the three? Ive read that Ap and Obe’s are the same, but i want to have an obe, but without messing with other planes and other entities. I just wanna be able to explore places without being seen. Is that etheric projection? Where you just explore this plane and earth? Please help em out here.
If you dont know what i’m asking about then why would you answer?


  1. the similarity is that they all are probably caused by DMT being released in the brain. NDE’s as well.
    the differences are only in the way they’re viewed or described.
    and don’t worry about planes or entities,
    Planes fly too high to interfere with your imagining an OBE
    and entities are imaginary, so not really a factor.

  2. THey are all the same, different people use different words.
    It’s real, trying to explain this stuff, is like telling a blind guy what it is like to see.
    **** all of the blind SOBs on here that think it’s all BS.
    Just do your thing, enjoy your gift, and if ya want perform an OBE then travel thru the computer and go to some of the SOBs houses on here and find out what their names are, then come back on here and call their names out and tell them what they’ve been doing.
    I’ve done that to Fireball a couple of times, that’s why she thinks I’m the devil, and a few others, they think I’m some major hacker dude that just hacks their computers to turn on cameras and view their conversations and gather intel, nope I’m just really good at this OBE thing.

  3. Astral projection and OBEs are often used interchangeably, differing only in one’s ability to consciously control movement in the psychical planes (and, depending on skill, the noetical and noetic planes). The latter – OBEs – are usually uncontrolled and “happen” to most involuntarily.
    Etheric projection, while oft lumped into the same category by most, is fundamentally different (at least in Christian mysticism) than the other two.
    Each of our “bodies” – material, psychical, and noetical has an etheric counterpart or energetic “mould” aka “etheric doubles”, without which we cannot “exist”. Part (or all) of those etheric doubles can be “projected” at will, but it takes a high degree of skill in meditation, concentration, and visualization to, for example, consciously construct a form or image of ourself in exacting detail and “project” it somewhere else, e.g. on the other side of the globe – usually visible only to sensitives, e.g. “true” psychics or clairaudients. Highly trained or gifted adepts can operate within those projections (move their consciousness into them to “feel”, “hear”, “touch”, etc). Again, this is a very conscious act, if not requiring Super-conscious skill and attunement.
    Email me if you’re interested in a more detailed elaboration..


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