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What are the differences between astral projection and meditation?

I know they are not the same but if one is meditating is it possible that they could astral project if they are deep enough in meditation? I guess it would take years or a lifetime to be able to get to that point. The reason why I’m asking is that I want to learn to meditate but do not wish to astral project.
I read the answers posted so far and that is what I thought. The reason why I don’t want to astral project is because it is possible to open yourself up to evil presences. I would be interested to know how the experience feels however to those who have tried it. Also do you think it is possible to open yourself to an evil presence while mediatating? I have never heard such a thing and they always say that mediation is good for you. Is it possible to go so deep that you could actually lose yourself?


  1. Meditation and astral projection are two different things with two different goals. Astral projection is when you feel as though your spirit has left your body and is traveling around. That won’t happen during meditation. Don’t worry. You can safely meditate ! 🙂 Good Luck !

  2. In Buddhism, they are not very different but astral projection is a total release of the spirit to travel, where as mediatation only limits one to a harmony of the soul to new perceptions and understanding.

  3. The two are different as described above me, but it would be possible to reach astral projection through meditation. The good news is that you have to almost willingly be seeking it through meditation or use techniques and be very disciplined in practicing these techniques. I have projected a few times during sleep and it was a wonderful experience. I wish I could do it more, although I don’t actively try. Some people randomly astrally project.. why don’t you want to? Its a great experience but could be scary I suppose.

  4. sorry guys while all your answers are nice and somewhat accurate none of them are 100% correct. astral projecting happens in a state of sleep and it is your soul leaving your physical body, but don’t wonder away too far because your connected by a silver cord which is also mentioned in the bible and if the cord breaks which is like an umbilical cord you can not return to your physical body….your dead. and meditation is just a state of relaxation so relaxed you may get sleepy but you don’t actually fall asleep.


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