What are the differences between a warlock, a wizard, and a sorcerer?

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My family was discussing this yesterday, and we think we know, but wanted more specific definitions.

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I would hazard to guess, mostly the languages they derived from. Later technical differences may have seeped in, but essentially they are all term for male occult practitioners.


The same as A woman weman and men

Book Worm

Webster Dictionary:
Warlock: Man who practices black arts: Sorcerer
Sorcerer: Person who parctices sorcery: Wizard
Wizard: One skilled in magic: Sorcerer
The dictionary describes all to practice magic, and refers one to the other. I think, though, that perhaps a Warlock has to be a man witch. The other two can be just a person…man or woman. Is that right?

Walking Man

A warlock is a male who practices the black arts. He is evil, and usually a Satanist.
A wizard or a sorcerer can be benevolent.


They are all the same and they are all different at the same time. Mostly, it depends on who you ask. Personally, I don’t think there is a specific difference because many people believe many different things about those three names.
Some people believe Warlocks are always evil, whereas some others say that a Warlock is merely a male witch.
just as others say that Wizards are all like Merlin, and others are starting to believe in the “Harry Potter” definition of a Wizard, that they can be anything, good, evil, or in between; very powerful or even a squib (if you’ve read the books or seen the movies you know what I mean).
And a sorcerer, according to some, uses the powers of Alchemy, and potions, or even spirits.
Some people just say they are all the same thing but with differing names.
So, basically, anything you believe is true is valid.


I can’t believe this is still being said, but a male witch would not call himself a warlock. Warlock comes from an old Scottish word meaning “oath-breaker”; it is much closer to a term of derision used by older covens for a witch who was cast out for betraying the circle.
As for a wizard and a sorcerer…well, I’m one who calls herself a mage, and I’m still going to give you the D&D differences, because they seem to work: A sorcerer naturally has magic ability, a wizard must learn it.

felisha c

these are almost the same
but a warlock has been cast out
these use to stand for male forms of witches .
some might say degrees of power or knowledge

Black Aliss

The word warlock is derived form the scottish- wer loga meaning “oath breaker.” In most neo pagan circles it is considered derogatory, as upon intiation into formal groups oaths are sworn, and as many have said “a witch is only as good as thier word” However there is a small group of heathens trying to reclaim the word from the norse- vard-lokkur meaning “enchanter” as explianed in this withcvox article
A Sorcerer practices pragmatic magics, it is best described by this page, and the books authored by the author of this page
A wizard is mostly a fantasy term, as far as I have known from personal experience, however some sages, and other wizend folks have taken to using it to describe themselves. Wizard is derived from the same root where we get the word wise.
A witch can be either male or female… it is not a gender specific term…the old english word wicca ment male witch & wicce ment female witch…


A warlock is someone who has betrayed their coven in the wiccan community. A dark untrustworthy wizard. No true magician would ever call himself a warlock, unless he was trying to drive people away.
A wizard is an extraordinary male witch. Merlin was a wizard. Wizards know everything about everything.
A Sorcerer is a person who does sorcery. “Use of supernatural power over others through the assistance of spirits; witchcraft.”http://www.answers.com/topic/sorcery


Warlock is from the Scottish word Warloga, meaning “deceiver” or “traitor” and was used by Witches during the Inquisition to describe anyone who, under torture, gave away the names of other coven members. It was never meant to be used as a name for a male witch, male witches are called a witch.
Wizard is a term usually associated with anyone who preforms magic that was taught from a master. They are usually associated with the term “Mage” or “Sage” for a learned individual.
Sorcerer is a term for someone who has an inborn aptitude for performing magic and can do magic without any “formal” training.

Brian S

I remember a warlock is someone who committed some sort of criminal act or something. I can give you a similarity, if that helps: none of them exist.


a worlock is an eval male that is magicly indowed,while a wizard is a good male that is magicly indowed,and a sorcerer is a master of the art of magic.


unless u taste it you could never know all the power my lord bestows ….. and your wrong a warlock is a oath breaker one who has betrayed the trust of a coven a witch is someone who practices the arcane arts male or female useing the power if there own soul . sorcery is useing rituals and spirts to gain what one wants .a wizard is a scholler of the arcane arts there’s is the want of knowledge all knowledge and the drive for power . if you don’t understand Satan DO NOT speak of him he us the bringer of knowledge the light in the darkness he is the sa ta na ma. truth life death rebirth Satan does not conform to east or west view of evil Satan is god he is love he is stern he gives us knowledge so that we my make our own path


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