what are the difference between judaism and kabbalah?

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if the kabbalah is part of the judaism? then is another branch of the judaism?

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The Kabbalah is a form of mysticism that some learned Jews study. It is very complicated and can only be understood slightly after years of study of the Talmud.


Kabbalah is a sect of Judaism. Kabbalah is basically Jewish mysticism. Most Jews who study Kabbalah have already studied 50+ years of Talmud. It is tranditionaly looked down upon teaching a ‘young’ student Kabbalah because they wouldnt be able to completely understand it.


the Cabala is a part of Jewish mysticism

Modest the Prince

There is no difference they are both of the devil- Judaism is made up by those fake Jews over there pretending to be Jews and it has nothing to do with the Tribe of Judah.


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