Home Discussion Forum What are the connections between Freudian psychoanalysis, occult practices and Modernist Art?

What are the connections between Freudian psychoanalysis, occult practices and Modernist Art?

How are they all signs of their time?


  1. …..They all are about accessing subjective experience, with emphasis on expressing unconscious mental processes.
    Also, they are, indeed, out-of-date…or, as you say, “signs of their time.”

  2. Freudian psychoanalysis – The analyst’s goal is to help liberate the patient from unexamined or unconscious barriers of transference and resistance, that is, past patterns of relating that are no longer serviceable or that inhibit freedom.
    Occultism – The term is sometimes popularly taken to mean ‘knowledge meant only for certain people’ or ‘knowledge that must be kept hidden’, but for most practicing occultists it is simply the study of a deeper spiritual “reality” that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences.
    Modernist Art – Modern art refers to the then new approach to art which placed emphasis on representing emotions, themes, and various abstractions. Artists experimented with new ways of seeing, with fresh ideas about the nature, materials and functions of art, often moving further toward abstraction.
    First, I would have to agree with the previous person. There is a surrealistic essence to each of the three topics. Psychoanalysis blame something that can not be measured or understood (unconscious) for emotional instability and wrong behavior. The occult are driven from “hidden wisdom” or something that is beyond reality. This generally manifests itself in spiritualism, esp, and astrology. Again these are not derived from reality but rather that which can not be seen or understood. Modernist art is simply a visualization of the abstract, that tends to lean away from realistic portrails of things, and focuses on expressions of the non-material.
    They are “signs of their time” simply because each was birthed out of a rebellious culture. Men grabbed hold of each of these things out of ego, pride, and arrogance. They are cancers of society that never result in good.


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