Home Discussion Forum What are the connections between Buddha and Jesus Christ?

What are the connections between Buddha and Jesus Christ?

My professor has told me that in some Buddhist books it is reported that Jesus Christ might have met Buddha in the forest. Does anyone know about that?


  1. Buddha and Christ meeting would be very difficult indeed. Buddha lived about 500 years before Christ. Otherwise, their teachings are very similar.

  2. The connection between the two?
    Well, Jesus was the very Son of God, and as such, without sin; whereas buddha was a human, and as such, a sinner.
    Jesus said that the only way you can know God is through Him.
    Jesus said that He did ONLY what He saw His Father in heaven do. (No man has seen God at any time, yet Jesus SEES God and copies His behaviors, so Jesus must be something MORE than a mere man, since no MAN has seen God.) He KNEW God. He even said that He came from the very HEART of God, so He could say objectively, “When you’ve seen ME, you’ve seen the Father.”
    Furthermore, Jesus said “I am Truth.” Was Jesus telling the truth when He said that? Or was He a liar?
    Jesus also said “I am Life”, and again, “I am the bread of Life that has come down from My Father in heaven to give Life.”, and again, “I am the water of life. Whoever is thirsty, come to me, and out of his inner-most being shall flow rivers of living waters”, and finally, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. If any man believe in me, though he may die, yet shall he live again.”
    He said, “You already believe in God, now believe in me.”

  3. I heard that before, but Buddha never met Jesus. Jesus never existed. Buddhas teachings are nothing like Jesus. Buddhists aren’t ashamed of their body’s natural urges and they respect every form of life including people that are not buddhist. They respect the animals and appreciate life, without fear of the dragon with seven heads that jesus has to come down from the sky with a sword on his white horsie to kill.

  4. Jesus was based on the Sun god Horus. Buddha was a man of peace, who taught that the way to inner peace is by getting rid of selfish desire.

  5. There MIGHT be a strong connection, but on this, 2 points:
    1) The Gotahma Buddha lived 500 years before Jesus. Could Jesus have met a reincarnation of the Buddha? No, as Buddhists believe the NEXT Buddha is not due for a few thousand years; after the teachings of the Gotahma Buddha have lost their power. (The next one after that, I think he’s called the Buddha Mitraya, isn’t due for about a million years after that.)
    2) Is there a connection between Jesus and Buddhism? There is a legend that in the part of Jesus’s life not accounted for in the Gospels – the ‘Lost Years’ between preaching in the Temple as a boy and his ministry – he travelled to India. He might have spent some time at a monastery in Tibet. There were rumours of a ‘St. Issa’ of India; ‘Issa’ being the Hindu word for Jesus; ‘Issa’ being a common Indian name.
    How true is this legend? In the late 19th century, a Russian mystic travelled to Tibet to find this out. The monks showed him some medieval manuscripts and stated to him, ‘These books say that Jesus was here.’ Far from being wild fantasy, then, these books may be the strongest non-Biblical proof of Jesus’s existence.
    If he went there, what happened? Buddhists like to claim that Jesus learned from the monks; but Christians – if they accept the legend – might be more likely to believe that Jesus TAUGHT THEM…Jesus was more than willing to challenge Jewish authorities in their teachings, why not the Tibetan gentiles? And, if you believe in Christ as the Son as God, he was the source of perfect knowledge; and therefore added to the stream of constantly-evolving Buddhism.
    Here’s the best source on the ‘Lost Years of Jesus’:


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