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what are the colors you shoul use to a yoga session and which not?

i am joining a nearby yoga club a out shopping for clothes.
are there certain colors we should never use to a yoga session
if yes: what colors are they.
what are the normal colors we should use to a yoga session?
i have a lot of dark clothes.


  1. Yoga is about stretching, relaxing, and mediation so I would not recommend wearing wild patterns. I would think dark clothing is fine. Blues, grays, green, purple, but I like those colors. Bright clothing is good too. I think it would be more about the pattern.
    Drop by the session and see what everyone is wearing if it makes you more comfortable.

  2. Colours have no relationship to yogic practice. Yoga is a discipline with many divisions some are purely mental. Hatha Yoga is essentially a series of postures that stretch, bend, squeeze or twist various limbs and organs. Tight fitting clothes will hamper.
    Just wear comfortable minimal clothing.

  3. Dark colors are best, I think, because sometimes you’ll sweat in places that you may not want the world to see–dark clothes help to make that not-so-obvious. Usually I’ll wear a black tank top and either gray or black capris or shorts. If you go for shorts, make sure they’re not too short–you’ll do a lot of twisting and bending and you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and that you don’t flash anyone unintentionally.
    Good luck with yoga! It’s kind of a struggle at first but it has absolutely changed my life.


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