Home Discussion Forum what are the claims made by some that dreams provide psychic "clairvoyant"...

what are the claims made by some that dreams provide psychic "clairvoyant" knowledge?

what are the claims made by some that dreams provide psychic “clairvoyant” knowledge? How are these answered by the theory of unconscious knowledge?


  1. dream could be the best time we have time to listen to voice we can’t intereact with by staying awake
    defnitely there aer over 90% chances that during dreams we can learn new things, we cna dicover new ideas and thigns can be reveal to us.
    So it is perfectly trues that knowledge can be handed over to us through dream, if youc all it psychic / clairvoyant or whatever is best kneong to you, but for sure ideas can be handed over to peopel during DREAM

  2. while i personally do not believe in clairvoyance i do not condemn it . there are a lot of things in this world that we do not fully understand and one of them is clairvoyant abilities. how this answers the theory of unconscious knowledge i don’t know since clairovant abilities have yet to be proven to exist.

  3. I don’t “claim” that some dreams are clairvoyant, I KNOW they are. I have had many psychic dreams. Some dreams are NOT psychic messages – they are purely symbolic message from the individual’s subconscious. However, some are psychic or prophetic. I will give you an example: in July 1994 I was keeping a dream journal because I had just given birth 6 months before, and due to getting up a lot in the middle of the night with my daughter, I was remembering my dreams. In July 1994, I had a dream that my dad would die at the age of 54. I wrote the dream down. At the time, my father was 53. Eleven months later, and two months after he turned 54, he died. That dream started me on my spiritual path.
    You cannot solve an enigma or a spiritual mystery if 1) you have a firm belief that you cannot have psychic dreams and 2) you try to solve it purely using mental analysis. These dreams are the opposite of mental analysis. I am honored that I have such dreams, as they guide and direct me.

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