What are the chances that you are the only consciousness in the universe?

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And that all others are either illusions or part of yours.

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Green T

Very scary to think about. Great question though…


for one, if i were the only consciousness in this universe, then what are you??? nah… not a chance…

J. Cricket

That would make me god.


no – I know people who are too brilliant and perfect to come out my consciousness.
I couldn’t imagine or create anything as good as these people – wish I could ;D

Leslie D

None, except as a philosophical game.


There is only one of us here All minds are connected.


There is no meaningful way to attach a probability to that scenario.

Invisible Talker

I don’t have *that* big of an ego..

Dubh G

Solipsism is irrelevant.
Whether you are, or whether you are not, makes no difference, as you have no control over the situation.
But consider that it might be you, who is a figment of some one elses imagination… >:->


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