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What are the chances of my Aura Photo being much more different/positive this year.?

First of all if you have anything negative to say use another question, if you believe then feel free to answer.
Last September I went to a Psychic Fair where I had a picture taken of my Aura and wasn’t really surprised with the results what showed up and the magnificient colours.
I’ve just found out that the same Spiritualist Church where I sometimes go to for Spiritual Healing is holding another Psychic Fair and I will definitely be attending if nothing more than to have another photo taken of my aura (clairsentience2:04) to see what difference there is via both colour and quantity.
Because of the amazing leaps and bounds I have made both in my personal life as well as growing Spiritually I feel the colours would be different.
For those who have had pictures taken (in a kind of before and after Spiritual evolution type scenario) were you surprised with the results?
Like I said, please answer only if you Believe.
The Best Of Very Good Energies To You All.
Draco27: I live in a small town in England where theres a Spiritualist Church, thank you for answering and I’m very sure if you comb the internet you will find either Spiritualist Churches or New Age stores that would greatly help with your enquiry.
I get that you will probably be quite surprised with the response on the third or fourth attempt so don’t give up on the first or second try even though you’ll feel disappointed at first, remember, all good things come to those who wait.


  1. Well, I don’t really believe, however I don’t have anything negative to say. It seems very interesting and hope you find the colors you’re looking for.

  2. I have never had the chance to do something like this, which sounds really cool and definitely something I’d like to do. I’ve searched for something like a psychic fair that would be happening near me but to no avail..nothing! Just out of curiosity, where is this going to take place? If it’s close enough then I could possibly get the opportunity to go.

  3. Yes, your colours will be of different shades & hues. You are more positive now & less conflicted so some colour change will have occurred.
    But it may not be as different as you expect. You were expecting big changes externally last year & now you are growing & changing yourself internally, so some of the colours will be the same.
    Tell me what you find out please when you go, I am curious to hear what the Auro Photo shows.

  4. Highly likely it will be different. Your aura changes constantly. While predominant color can say much about your basic state at any given time, the subtle changes and fluctuations reflect your mood and focus. Virtually no one has an aura that never changes, but if you feel a greater peace and spirituality within yourself, the photo is bound to show it!

  5. Well hello King glad you’re back. I have always wanted to do that but it is never offered at the Fairs I have attended. I would imagine your colours will be different. Good energies this year will show more vivid colours. Keep us posted. I am happy to hear from you.

  6. Like Draco27 I would love to find a psychic fair around where I live but there is none. It is hard enough finding a psychic where I live, must less a psychic fair. You even have to watch the psychics you go to here, most of them are full of bologna. I have always read that your aura changes to suit your mood, I would think this would be the same for you. Hope you get the answers you seek. Good luck.


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