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what are the best yoga moves to help side by side with karate to increase flexibility?

I am still having a difficult time with my back stance still, are there great yoga moves that can help with this stance. I dont know if its because my knees arent flexible or my ankles…. It’s so annoying not to be able to just flow into the back stance without feeling ur back going forward or putting too much weight on the front foot ugh….


  1. My background is not in yoga. However I have nearly 41 years of martial arts background in several styles and as a full time instructor.
    Let me just say that you should not be worried about perfecting your back stance. As priorities go it is not a big one. Concentrate on more important things and over time your back stance will likely improve on its own.
    Best of Luck!

  2. If you want to do yoga you should get a video with a whole sequence of moves and not just one. Avoid DVDs that have “yoga for martial arts” in the title, its just regular yoga. Instead get “Power Yoga” its great and will help with everything

  3. Surya namaskar is king of yoga i totally agree
    You can Also try chakrasan, makarasan, and bhujangasan.
    Ashta chakra wakrasan is also advised to increase flexibility of body


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