what are the best tarot cards to buy?

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I’m looking to try out tarot cards and there are a lot of different types to choose from. Does anybody know the best ones for the money?

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What is your definition of best? All tarot cards do the same thing. Do you mean the prettiest? Do you have a theme that you are looking for like angels or goddesses? There are so many out there. Go to tarot.com to see them all and find out the name of the one you want. Then get online and buy it!


The Pretty ones.

Vincent The Valentine

You could go for the traditional raider-waite, or for a personal suggestion if you like some extra but not overdone design, I really love the artwork from Ciro Marchetti. You can get his Gilded Tarot or Legacy of the Divine Tarot. I have both.


Do it online, it’s free and you don’t have to remember any of the cards meanings.
(its all bull, you knew that, right?)
Have fun with it! Remember, it is YOUR interpretation of the meanings of the cards that provides you with “insight”. Sometimes, you can even get an eerie reading! This is just due to your own interpretation… they are ONLY cards!


Pick the ones that you think are the nicest. The all are actually the same and no one kind works better than another. To be true Tarot cards, they must all include the same suits and types of cards, The king, The queen, the lovers, etc. I have the Vampire Tarot because I liked the pictures. There is even a deck that has the meanings written on them, this might be a good one for you to start with as a new user.


If you’re not familiar with the cards, the Rider-Waite deck might be the best bet. They are used in most books, and may make learning easier. Once you have the basic meanings down, go back and look the decks over. Most stores will let you open a deck to see the cards. Choose the one that “speaks” to you.


The big cards with the vibrant colors…get a rose quartz and some amethyst.


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