what are the best subjects to take if you want to study parapsychology?

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i was just wondering what the best subjects to take if you want to study parapsychology? because ive been looking all over the internet and carnt seem to find anything!

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Parapsychology in essence blends psychology with physics, that is, the control of the physical world by the power of the mind. So my advice is to study both. Perhaps major in physics with a minor in psychology, or vice-versa. Parapsychologists have yet to scientifically demonstrate that psi phenomenon are real, so studying psychology or physics will still give you real world knowledge you can use to build a career.


The focus in parapsychology is creating sound and repeatable scientific experiments in order to provide evidence of psi phenomena and examine the mechanisms behind these phenomena. If you want to study parapsychology, you need a strong basis in experimental design, research methods, and data analysis. You can find this sort of training in many sciences. Personally, I am studying it within a psychology degree program because the mechanisms used in parapsychology experiments are often similar to those used in psychology experiments, and there are a number of schools that will allow a psychology thesis to be submitted with a focus on a parapsychological topic.
In addition to your school study related to research methods, etc, you will need to perform self study on the topics in parapsychology. The Journal of Parapsychology and the International Journal of Parapsychology are two sources of scholarly research papers on the topics currently studied in parapsycholgy. In addition, there are numerous conferences conducted worldwide, and the procedings from these conferences are often available online. Due to the lack of official coursework on the topic of parapsychology, it is often necessary to find the information on your own.
I’ve provided a link below to a review of what it takes to be a parapsychologist from a lifelong student of the topics. Good luck!


Media arts (especially film-making and photography), business, psychology, divinity, philosophy. Those subjects will either help you or possibly even cure you of your bad choice of major!


That’s because it’s not a science. Schools won’t (shouldn’t) teach pseudosciences. Your best bet is to drop out right now and open a physic clinic of some sort. Then die in poverty.

Cancer The Panentheist

Science all together probably, philosophy, religious studies, maybe mythology (?)…


I’m going to assume that by parapsychology you mean the standard definition, which mostly has to do with ESP-type phenomena (ghost-hunting and UFOs are often mistakenly lumped under the “parapsychology” term).
The most helpful course-work for studying parapsychology would be the psychology of human perception (since parapsychology is intimately involved with human perception), human psychology in general, learning theory, experimental design, philosophy of science, statistical analysis, and — surprisingly — studio art (especially drawing). While the “signals” involved in parapsychological research may not be explainable by science, the human nervous system and brain/mind are important elements in the process, and the more you understand about that, the better your ability to understand what is going on when a human interacts with a parapsychological phenomenon. And since legitimate parapsychology involves experimentation, analysis, and other scientific pursuits, effective parapsychologists have a command of relevant disciplines in those areas as well. The art is important particularly if you want to experiment with ESP yourself. Often, graphic representation on paper is the best way to convey information about inner mental processes.
Good luck!


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