Home Discussion Forum what are the benifits of tai chi?

what are the benifits of tai chi?

how long does it take to learn a simple routine, can i learn it over the internet?


  1. Depending on the style, tai chi can either be entirely health-based, or a mix of health and practical fighting techniques. The health benefits usually include better blood flow, easier breathing, leg strength and condition of the joints. These benefits combine to aid in faster recovery from certain injuries, as well as increasing overall fitness and immune system healthiness.
    Unfortunately, it’s not advisable to try to learn tai chi over the internet, as there are nuances of form, flow and positioning that a video simply cannot teach you, which is why you would need to learn with a proper teacher. The good news is that there are hundreds of tai chi teachers in any given large city, and most of them are fairly affordable.
    Again depending on the style , routines can be as long as the Yang Style Slow Form, which, done correctly, can take almost an hour to perform, or as short as some of the weapons forms, which can be as short as 5 minutes long. This is a really subjective issue, though, and you’d get a better answer by asking individual teachers about the style they practice.
    The big thing to remember, though, is that tai chi isn’t something you do for 6 months to help with a pulled tendon or anything. It is not a quick fix to anything, and any health benefits will only start to be noticeable after regular practice over a long period of time, say a few years. I would advice you only get into tai chi if you are serious and dedicated enough to continue with it for many years.

  2. You can learn a SIMPLE routine over the internet. I would advise you to find a group or teacher as it is cheap and wont take much effort to find. Tai Chi is moving meditation. It brings peace to the mind, balance to the body and harmony with nature. Some of it’s other benefits include heightening the senses, healthy body/organs, increased flexibility/internal strength. Tai chi has much to offer anybody. It is also a martial art.
    IM me if you have any further questions. Good Luck.

  3. the benefits of learning tai chi is better health and learning self defense at the same time.
    how long does it take to learn a routine, depends entirely on you. so, no one else can answer that for you. only you know if you are a fast learner, or a slower ot not.
    yes, you can learn it over the internet. I don’t know any websites. But try a google search.


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