What are the beneifits of Yoga and Pilates?

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I want to do yoga and pilates as a morning exercise to get my body working. I’ve heard a lot about each practice, but I can’t take a class. I have a book and I am going to start reading it after I learn more about it. What are the benefits and how do I know what moves to do???

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They strengthen your core and improve flexibility. Overall, they make you feel really good. Try a dvd or even a class to begin.


I want to do the same thing. I can’t afford a DVD or a class…my DVD player is broken and I want to tart doing yoga and Pilate’s before school. Maybe we can help each other out. Thanks!


Do some research online on both. I’ve limited experience with pilates and although I don’t dislike it, I love (iyengar) yoga so I do that much more often.
You can get videos or DVDs for either (you can get some less expensive ones on eBay or Amazon used), that will teach you the moves and form…that would be much more helpful than a book. You might even be able to find videos online (try youtube).
Yoga tones the muscles and internal organs, improves flexibility and balance, and is a mental exercise as well…pilates is for lengthening/stretching the muscles and strengthening your core primarily…used by a lot of dancers.
Whatever you choose, enjoy!


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