What are the benefits of yoga?

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I’m 13 and really unflexible and quite unfit. Would yoga help? There’s a class I could go to once a week, would I be able to learn from there and practise what I’ve learnt every morning as a little workout thing?
Basically, what are the advantages and disadvantages of yoga? Does it tone you up? Burn fat? Make your muscles longer and stronger?

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Adam W

Look, yoga will do a lot of great things for you but you might not appreciate just how much ’til you’re in your 40s. Those middle-aged aches and pains that stops your dad from just rising from a chair? They can be avoided if you have supple muscles after a lifetime of stretching exercises. And those kinds of exercises will help you avoid most sport-related injuries. I didn’t stretch before going for a run 6 months ago and my knee has been banjaxed since.


As much as I love yoga, it may not be the best thing for an unfit 13 year-old unless you combine it with other forms of exercise. It won’t burn much fat but it does help you tone. The best benefit of yoga is simply being in touch with your body and your breathing, and the stretching helps to make you feel stronger.


yoga’s good to get you started for exercies, however it won’t benefit you that much in getting fitter
i just find that it makes a great start to the day, as it really relaxes you.
i first started by buying a yoga dvd, then i started going to classes, you could just go to the classes, buy the dvd and do a little workout every morning=)


I am an Indian myself and perhaps you know that yoga was first started in India and still practiced very precisely. So, I wish to tell you that if you are unfit, and inflexible, you should right away go for yoga because it has got best exercises for not only flexibility, but also exercises which help to protect ourselves from many incurable diseases. Many such diseases are cured in India through yoga and me myself know much of it. Let me tell you very clearly that yogic exercises are not meant for building body. they can make your body such strong that you can withstand any condition but you may not look like a bodybuilder. Yoga doesn’t has any disadvantage. But it should be done in supervision of an expert so that it is done correctly.

word man

The benefits of yoga are very subtle but evident. Yoga certainly helps with flexibility, core strength, balance and relaxation. It is possible for people of all ages to do, and each person can extend and challenge their own level and ability. I think one of the best things about yoga is that you use your muscles and body in ways that you wouldn’t normally use and so, keeps your body supple and strong. I have been doing yoga once or twice a week for 3 years and I still love it. I can’t see any disadvantages because you work at your own level. You would burn some calories. Yes it tones you and strengthens muscles- but probably doesn’t build up muscles like weightlifting would. If you are not very flexible and unfit, I would definitely recommend yoga but maybe you should also do some fitness training.


Yoga is a good healthy practice for you. It helps to make your body flexible, and in shape. It educates you to eat and breathe properly. So, it cleanses your body inside and outside.
This free yoga e-course can help you:


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