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What are the benefits of modern day witchcraft?

I am doing some research and I need a little help. Can u help me please?


  1. Knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual inner peace. A deeper understanding of nature and Earth sciences. Learning personal responsibility. Developing meditation and intuitive skills. Bringing balance to your life.
    If I keep thinking of all I have learned and done as a witch, I could keep on going here.

  2. A feeling of uniqueness. Being different from others.
    Feeling like you have access to secret knowledge that other people don’t know about.
    A feeling of superiority from having magical powers that others don’t.
    Imaginary accomplishments that make up for not having real ones.

  3. I have to agree with a lot of what Crystal Clear said…it can also help the practitioner to gain a better control on the direction their life goes, as a lot of the practices are hands on…without relying on someone else to intercede.
    Learning to quite yourself, your mind (for example) can have siginificant health benefits…for those who pooh-pooh what witches do. We gain a better and greater understanding of the world and the universe if we just slow down and take a look once in a while. Another benefit, is learning the usefulness of herbal healing, which can have more benefits on the human system than conventional chemical medications that are so freely prescribed.
    Witchcraft involves a LOT more than simple spells and chants to “turn people into frogs”. That is just the hollywood and biased stereotypes repeated by those who do not wish to learn something outside of “The Craft”.

  4. Your’e closer to earth and nature. You tend to be more in tune with yourself and the people around you. Can help to influence your surroundings, if you’re in situations you don’t care for, you can always cast a spell to help your predicament. Things like that.

  5. A closer connection to nature.
    Self psychoanalysis.
    Empowerment of females and other people who can feel powerless in today’s society.
    Connection with other people. Community.
    Induces creativity for those who make their living in creative fields. (Art, Music, Marketing, etc)

  6. I have to agree with Crystal and Maiin and Tahuti mainly…
    For me, it promotes a positive outlook. A can-do, where-there’s-a-will-there’s-a-way approach to life, as well as reinforcing a recognition of personal responsibility and responsible behavior.
    Also, the mental preparation for practicing Witchcraft over the years has greatly benefitted me by helping me achieve a high level of mental discipline that gets me through many things:
    – I’ve breathed and meditated my way through the worst physical pain (the local anesthesia wore off in the middle of major surgery) until it was medically taken care of
    – I’ve learned to be more patient, more focused, to concentrate more deeply on a task at hand without distraction, which helped me get through college
    – I’ve learned to become more aware, more attentive to detail, my instincts and perceptions more acute, and more accurate
    – it’s greatly enhanced my creativity and my artistic vision which has served me well not only as a hobby, but a career
    I could seriously go on for a while but I think you get the point. It’s not for everyone, but I honestly believe that even if you don’t believe in magic, you can learn a lot from Witchcraft.

  7. A feeling of at last a philosophy that I can live with. It is calming I don’t need to follow all kinds of silly rules I don’t carry around guilt My responsibilities are clear. Don’t do harm to anyone. When I am with nature it is quit and warm there is awe in seeing the sunset for the millionth time nothing is ever the same.To be in tune with the spiritual nature and to connect with others so completely.
    ** making friends like demons and ghosts, discount cat food. Low travel expense.


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