What are the benefits of doing yoga or meditating?

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I wanted to try to make my life less stressful and I heard yoga, exercise, and meditating help. I am Chrisitian, would any of this counteract? Should I do yoga or meditating at my age{13}? Does anybody else get relief doing this?
Can I lose weight?

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yummy _

yoga is one of the oldest forms of stress relief and exercise. read tips on yoga routines and more on this site


ok, first of all, just cause your Christian, doesn’t mean yoga won’t work. second, yoga releives stress- alot of stress. and i’m 13 too, so i should know how this works. I would suggest listening to calm music while doing this. (i listen to some old 1950’s music and the blues.) Do this in a quiet space for 5 to 10 minutes a day depending on your free time. good luck.


There is no age for doing meditation & yoga and yeah it is very goooood. it gives satisfaction. you become mentally free.


Yoga makes you feel good and it’s good for your circulation. Meditation will make you smarter, because your clearing out garbage thoughts.


it’s good for you and many Christians have found a way to incorporate who they are as Christians with yoga. You can lose weight and find peace of mind…….it’s not aerobics and you will need to watch what you eat, etc….but you will build inner strength and that’s what will help you lose weight.


Many benefits from yoga and meditating. Less stress means more happiness. See this webpage for info on how it helps you to be happier with info from top psychologists and Jesus.
Then look at the very bottom of the page on NATURAL HEALING. It tells how 10 to 25% of Christians are on anti-depressants. Plus the top of that page tells how a minister cured severe depression naturally. Plus see page with advice for teenage girls. It tells how I started yoga at age 12. Home page about losing weight. You will love this site.


meditating is good, the bible says think upon these things. the things that are lovely honest and just and things of a good report.while you are relaxing think on the word of god. weight loss i dont know if you can lose weight or not.

David W

There are many forms of yoga, but when people refer to it today, they genearally mean hatha yoga, the yoga of the body.
Yes, this form of exercise will definitely help relief stress.
It will also keep your body supple, improve health, and yes, if you are overweight will also help to lose weight.
Meditating regularly will eventually remove stress completely.
Again, there are many forms of mediation.
Here is a good one for a beginner.
Sit in a comfortable position, with a straight spine, and the eyes either closed, or out of focus.
This is a good one to teach our mind to concentrate, called the twenty-four second meditation. It involves picturing numbers made up of dots as shown on large digital displays. We commence by picturing the digits 24. When we can clearly visualise each dot which makes each of the two digits two and four, then we move to 23, and 22. The concentration on the dots helps to eliminate other thoughts from the mind, and with a little practice over a few days, we are able to move from 24 down through all the digits to 0. If another thought enters our mind during this process, then we must start again. This is why it takes a few days before we are able to succeed Once we can succeed then we are achieving an alpha state of mind, which is relaxed, and free of the linear thought process. This is the state of mind required for deep meditation, which we discuss later.


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