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What are the benefits of doing yoga once a week for 1 hour for 8 wks? How can I benefit more?

How can I utilize yoga to lose weight?


  1. By stretching your body, you increase endorphins so you feel better.
    Include a daily weightlifting exercise to get more benefit out of this, and both will help you loose weight.
    For more help, go to ALLEXPERTS and look for Teen Health. I have a page there. Look under David.

  2. It is amazing what it can do for you. I would go 2ce a week but once is a good start. Tell your instructor what your goal is ouit of the class and they can modify any pose to accomodate that for you. It is truely excellent for the mind and body. Everyone gives it a bad rap but it truely does work. Modifications is key to any pose to your goal and what you want out of it.

  3. Weight loss is not a secret- You need to burn off more calories than you swallow.
    So- eat less. If you’re generally healthy you can try Bikrahm yoga or practice in a group where the room is warm and you sweat like you’re in a steam room.
    Please keep in mind- Yoga is a form of meditation.. it is not exercise per-se. If you are being so goal oriented you are not acting in the present & practicing yoga fully – as it is body & mind.
    Instead- talk long, fast walks or if you are able to jog 3 times a week ’til or cycle, swim, step classes – these activities will burn calories.
    Good luck + think about nurturing the person inside as well as outside.

  4. First all, you need to realize that yoga by itself is not a big calorie burner. Unless you are doing a hybrid version of yoga such as yoga with weights, yoga only uses 250 calories per hour at most.
    The reason why many yoga practitioners are skinny is that they become more conscious of their body and often become vegetarians. Serious yogis don’t abuse their bodies like most Americans and often they eat lightly and well.
    Yoga is fantastic for stress reduction, flexibiltiy and general body well being. You should do yoga more frequently than once a week. 3 to 4 times is better. I do it 5-7 times a week for 15 minutes at a time.


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