what are the benefits of doing martial arts like kung fu or tai chi ?

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is that possible to master your fears if you practise kung fu or tai chi ? …….(they are my favorites)

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nah.. its more of self discipline, and releasing your stress

cajun m

there are so many benefits! some mental benefits include focus, self discipline, self-respect, stress relief. physical benefits – self defense, cardiovascular workout, muscular toning, strength building, improved endurance, coordination, etc. aesthetic benefits – most martial artists have awesomely hot bodies. 🙂


it is yes me personally though ill stick to maui tai i find this is possibly more vigurating for me and i get a better work out also


dude tai chi is like for relaxation… dont see how it helps to denature your fear….. and kung fu.. it depends on what type… there are so many….

Ben P

Kung Fu means perfection through hard work. It’ll help you conquer yourself! The rest become less of an opposition.

It All Matters.~☺♥

Good body conditioning, discipline, confidence, respect of others. Learning to respect others. Making good friends.
It is all good. And you learn who you are, and what you are.

Bluto Blutarsky

how do you master your fears.
Meaning if you are afraid of the boogey man and you study from a real teacher that teaches you properly with resistance and doesn’t just have you dancing around in silk pajamas and is really teaching you to fight, then you will master your fears because you will be able to kick his ass.
However most CMA teachers ESPECIALLY tai chi, don’t teach that way.
There are probably more jewish chinese in america than there are good tai chi teachers (good as in used for combat, not just LARPing in central park).


The benefits are only limited to the instruction you get and how you apply the training.
As for those choices…. They can be excellent methods of training and self-defense. Taijiquan offers a lot both in physical training and in philosophical and mental training (if you have a good teacher who can help you to do more than just a pretty, slow-moving form). There are various forms of gung fu that offer a great deal of the same, but focus on different aspects or different strategies of dealing with opponents and with life.
Just don’t get caught up in the hype and trappings. Seek the essence of the art and you’ll gain much more than a pretty sash to wear.


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