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What are the basics to know about psychic protection?

I was curious about this at one point because certain people or things would upset me (ie:negativity) and I thought it could help..
My first step was to take some responsibility and not just believe that you’re a “sponge” to it.. Is this an effective first-step?
I figured I’d ask, what is there to know about psychic protection? The basics at least..


  1. There are many things you can do. One of my faves is to visualize myself in a bubble like barrier, which nothing negative can get through. Look closely at the bubble and smooth out any bumps or cracks that you may visualize. I think of it as white and holy but you can change it to whatever feels most comfortable. I think that everything bad just bounces off of it. This is basic but it can work pretty well.

  2. yer. its called an aluminium cap 😛
    haha na jokes.
    yer you are right. you are a sponge to negativity. Every negative energy (person/spirit) is always looking to make someone else negative or feed of their good energy.
    And the only way you can stop them from affecting you, and making you feel negative is to first learn how to control your energy, and learn how to make yourself feel good whenever you wish. once you have got this down, you are able to either just block their energies, or just give them your good energy, until they dont want anymore. lol.
    and same for spirits. but with negative spirits, if you use give them good energy, then they automatically just leave you alone. lol , because they dont want ur good energy, they want negative energy.
    but yer anyways, if you want to know more, or have any other questions, just shoot me an email 🙂
    Chi Practitioner.

  3. Some people really get into the whole psychic protection thing, thinking as if something will take their energy from them. I’d suggest staying out of the victim mentality.
    You chose a good first step, and that is taking responsibility for yourself. There are two sides to everything, and when it gets down to specifics what happens to you and through you is your choice. That said, we can have beliefs or patterns that misdirect us into taking on problems that are not ours, which is the same as “taking on someones energy”. The best solution I know is self-discovery, finding those concepts that cause you to make choices that are not productive for you. Many of those concepts are so woven into our life patterns that we don’t see them. As I professional psychic the greatest help I give to others is to help them see those old patterns and help them shift the belief, and then whatever was affecting them negatively is no longer an issue. That’s a much better solution than putting up walls or energy blocks for protection.


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