what are the basic ingredients of a Book of Shadows?

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some kfc grease and potatos


1. A book
2. A lack of sunlight


Indirect sunlight?

trollhouse cookies

paper, ink, bindings….


A notebook and some pretty handwriting. Try decorating it with crazy magic symbols, it’ll look really sweet.

Chantal G

Paper, ink, and binding.
In mine, I have the verses we use to cast the circle, call the quarters, consecrate the circle, and invoke the God and Goddess.
Aside from that, I keep religious writings which have meaning for me. They range from the writings of Angela of Foligno to the poet Rumi.
I also include religious poetry that I have written.



Praire Crone

Are you asking about what to enter into a Book of Shadows? If so I think that for most of us, there is no set rule on what to add. We add what moves us and what information we feel we want to remember about our craft. Spells, ritual info, moon information ETC… All kinds of info that is useful to a witch.


If you belong to one of the branches of Traditional Wicca, then you will copy the Book of Shadows from the priest or priestess who initiated you. Then you will add on other stuff — things that you found in other Wiccan or pagan sources, and things that you or your covenmates wrote yourself.
A BOS contains a lot of different things: theology, philosophy, prayers, hymns, mythology, liturgy, ritual practice, coven rules, magical theory, herbal lore, stone lore, spellworking, songs and chants, practical “how to” hints for running a coven and doing rituals, etc.


Leather, parchment, ink; rituals, correspondences, secrets…


Paper, pen and information written and gathered by you

wicca 513

if you dont know what a book of shadows is then dont bother commenting. 🙂


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