what are the bad effects of chakra meditation ?

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Have a Blessed Yule!

I have never had a bad effect from chakra meditation.


A waste of time that could be used otherwise…like wasting it in Yahoo Answers? 😉
(Yes, I know I’m here too…that’s part of the joke)


I have never heard of any bed effects of chakra meditation, and I am very familiar with it.


focusing on anything, even a chakra can take you away from the emptiness/ openness. I think a chakra could slow the process of going in to a deep meditative state. YOu dont want ot identify with the chakra.


Meditation of any kind can worsen or bring out emotional or psychiatric disorders in persons who have latent or active mental health or developmental issues. There also is question about whether meditation might be harmful to persons with epilepsy because of changes in brain waves that occur during meditation, especially chakra meditation. Although folks visualize the chakras as being situated in the body, they are related to nerve plexuses that correspond to points in the brain that are stimulated during meditation. Meditation and certain yogic disciplines effect neurochemistry, electrical charges in the brain, and can change brain structure. Also, on the psychological level–especially in chakra meditation–unconscious complexes, neuroses, anxieties, somatizing and pseudoseizure like phenomenon etc. come up. They are supposed to in Tantric type (chakra-based) meditation–it is part of the cathartic process of chakra work–but the person practicing has to know this and has to be prepped about how to deal with these things when they occur. The person who doesn’t know what’s happening and is emotionally or psychologically vulnerable can find themself in serious trouble.


ya totally agree philosophyangel, mediattaion or any other such practice or even sudarshan kriya of AOL can cause harmful effect and bring out emotional or psychiatric disorders. I personally gone through it.


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When you went for a ZEN meditation for a couple of hours for the first time??

Pls describe your experience ques is actually for those who've done this thx

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