What are the arguments (if any) against forward time travel?

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I know most people think backwards is impossible and forwards is possible… but are there any arguments against forward time travel?

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There is no objective sense of time. Time runs at different paces all around the universe.

Vincent G

No argument, especially since we are all doing it (moving to the future at a rate of 3600 seconds every hour).
The rate can be changed by going at a relativistic speed.


As Vince indeed stated, we are ALREADY doing it at a rate of one second per second.
A more interesting scenario of forward time travel is called suspended animation, whereby we SLOW DOWN the rate at which we move forward in time yet let everything else progress at its normal rate.
Suspended animation is known to be an actual phenomena according to the theory of relativity AND according to particle physicists’ experiments which confirmed the theory of relativity.
It is just IMPRACTICAL (but not impossible) to accomplish it on any human made spacecraft scale.


Forward time travel is the only direction that time travels.
If you mean exceeding the time in our reference system and traveling into the future – and perhaps back again into the present – well, that aspect seems to be good fodder for a Sci-Fi novel or movie, but the real future is simply something we all have to trudge along into as time moves forward.


Time Travel into the future is possible. If Free Will exists, then time travel into the past is not possible.
Two Time Machines for travel into the future:
Type 1
Build a space ship capable of near light speed. Put it into a long orbit like a comet that returns to earth every 100 years. Get in the ship and blast off. When you return you will have aged a few years and be 100 years into the earth’s future.
Type 2
Build a space station in near orbit to a Black Hole. As long as you are in the space station you age very slowly. When you leave you could be 100s of years in the future.
Special and General Relativity makes either of these possible. The science is solid, the engineering will take some work.
Time Travel into the past:
The possibility of travel to the past hinges on: Does Free Will exist? If we have Free Will then we can change the past and thus the present. The Law of Causality does not allow this. All time travel paradoxes arise from the fact that causality does not allow us to change the present. But, IF everything is fixed and we can’t change it, then some of us, at least, could be time travelers caught in a loop stretching enough years to cover a life time or more maybe 1000s of years. Time Travel need only involve “quantum leaps” that prevent us from meeting ourselves and we live the same lives over and over with no memory of the last time we did it. Something like Joe Haldeman’s “The Accidental Time Machine” would work.
Modern Theoretical Physics offers another way out of the Time Travel to the Past Paradox trap. If there are an infinite number of parallel universes, we can travel back, violate causality and snap to a different universe that results from us changing the past. I.e.: Go ahead and kill your father. You snap to a universe where your father ain’t your father, but your father, he don’t know. Or, maybe he does and he does not care. Or, your mother was raped. Or, ………
See: “Closed Timelike Curves in Asymmetrically Warped Brane Universes,” Pas, Pakvasa, & Weiler
If we live in a warped brane universe then Space-Time MIGHT be folded over itself like a sheet of paper. If so, our past or future is next to us. We could time travel by crossing the gap. Note: We cannot choose the time we travel to, only the time(s) next to us.


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