Home Discussion Forum What are the arguments for the concept of reincarnation being true?

What are the arguments for the concept of reincarnation being true?

Please, only serious, informed answers only. I am currently not a follow of any religion. This question is for those who do believe in reincarnation. Thanks!


  1. I would not say I believe whole-heartily on this concept but it makes sense.
    As I have no proof to offer, all I can do is speculate and relate.
    Although we have accounts of stories of past lives, contact with spirits, out of body travel and simple faith, we also, and most importantly have the powerful art form called story telling.
    Who would want to be the main character in only one story?
    Or even one character in a video game, we try to experience all available possibilities before we give up the game.
    These analogies are very vague but I can only work with what I have.
    If you want me to get into deeper definitions and implications on transcendence, I can explain my views, but I really know little.

  2. well, there are no “informed” answers since this is all pretty much a belief system based on faith, but one might argue that the odds that you’re only conscious right now and have never been conscious in the eternity that took place before this moment and will never be conscious again in the eternity that is to follow is a dubious possibility.

  3. I believe that we live multiple lives. We choose to return only by our choice. We come with a purpose. Next month I am going to have past life regression done by a hypnotist. I have never done this and I am excited to hear what happens.
    As far as arguments go, I am sorry. I have no proof that what I believe is true. It just makes sense to me. The bible, on the other hand, makes no sense to me.

  4. This is a public forum so you cant limit questions just to get the answers you want to hear.
    I havent heard of any arguments that are backed by evidence.

  5. reincarnation is hinted at in the torah. jews call it “gilgul haneshamot” (transmigration of the soul). the hebrew language itself actually hints at reincarnation being true, i.e., the word life is a pluralized word (chayim) and is never singular.
    “Several months ago, on TV, a couple from Louisana, with their 5 year old son, related this story. I saw it.”
    i remember that story! i saw it in the news.

  6. A couple for thought.
    Several months ago, on TV, a couple from Louisana, with their 5 year old son, related this story. I saw it.
    When the boy was less than a year old, he began having nightmares. The parents did the usual thing. The nightmares came so often that when he was 3-4 years old and could talk, he had a nightmare, screaming, “It’s going down”. His father decided to talk to him.
    He asked him, “What’s going down?”
    “The plane.”
    The son had always had an interest in WW II aircraft. He had all kinds of models. His mother had found another and had bought it for him. She explained to him that the tubes under the wings were bombs.
    “Those aren’t bombs, Mom, they’re extra fuel tanks.”
    As his dad talked to him, he asked his son, “Where is the plane going down?”
    “In the Pacific Ocean.”
    “What happened to the plane?”
    “It was shot down.”
    “Who shot it down?”
    “Well! The Japanese, of course?
    “Did you have any friends there?”
    “Yes, one on the Carrier.”
    “On what Carrier?”
    The son gave him the name of the Carrier and the name of his friend. (I have forgotten.)
    The dad decided to look up the carrier. He searched the Naval records and found the Carrier. It was small one, stationed in the South Pacific in 1944.
    He then decided to check out the “friend”. Through Naval records, he located the man, learned that he was alive, that he lived in Arkansas. He found the man and talked to him. The man verified all that the little boy had said. A boy, 3-4 years old.
    I had a personal experience in my business once.
    A couple came into my store. They had a son about 5. He mis-behaved a little and the father gave him a spank on the butt.
    The son looked straight up to him without tears.
    “I dare you to spank me. I had children of my own, before you had me.”
    They left, but did come back another day.
    Eye witness.

  7. In The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying the author makes this argument: Everything that exists used to be something else. Why would consciousness be any different?
    As for my own “belief”: For example, I’ve met people for the first time and felt as if we knew each other for years. I play my flute in a way not generally used for hundreds of years. In dreams I’ve died and it felt so familiar. The list goes on…
    Pay attention it will happen to you, too.


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