What are the Akashic Records? How do I access them? Is it a sin for Christians to do this?

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Before I became a Christian I used to be interested in mysticism and stuff like Akashic Records. I want to know how I can get to them and what exactly they are. Also, I’m wondering if God would be displeased in me by doing something like this. I believe humans should gain knowledge and wisdom but I also know that God disapproves of certain disciplines and practices. I love God very much and do not want to betray Him. What should I do? Helpful answers, please?

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Do what you will, you cannot betray God unless you denounce him.

Mikey, just Mikey

There is no god so do what you wish.

Jacquelyn Nebel

Mikey, hopefully you are young and you’ll learn as you grow up. If there is no God, there is no satan. I guess you were evolved from an ape. Question, why aren’t all apes men, has evolution stopped? Find God while you have a chance


God does not approve of you attempting to access the akashic records because God knows they don’t exist and the effort is a complete waste. There are no secret files containing all the answers to life’s mysteries or all the things everyone has ever done. Humanity has to figure everything out on its own.

Free Stuff in 2012

I had not heard of them until now. All knowledge should be explored with both an open mind and critical cynicism.
ADD: It looks to be a New Age concept about accessing “knowledge” through another dimension.
Though I do not believe that all attempts at clairvoyance are a lie, parapsychological studies have shown that humans can rarely get clear information through such means. Typically, any real information has to pass through the subconscious and imagination on its way to the conscious mind and arrives horribly corrupted or entirely fictitious.


How would you obtain the information of the Akashic Records? People claim the only way to do this is through Astral Projection…how do you do that? Drugs? Taking drugs would be a sin…
If the Lord wanted us to know that stuff, He would have given us the information already…
Good question though…


These records should be called the written memory of God. They cover past, present and future events. To access you will have to use Asral Projection. I know how to, but think you should check the library for the book.
A safe way is to think on the Akashic Records before falling asleep. Over time, you will arrive there.


If the Lord wanted us to know that stuff, He would have given us the information already… said STARDUST

Dear All,
Another way out for this is in a half a bucket of slightly warm water put sea salt(not other salts) and after it is dissolved get your both feet immersed in water keeping the heels touching in sides and your both big feet not touching and little about 3 inches apart.Please chant your God’s name or family deity’ s name. For example If you are a Catholic Christian “Hail Mary” or a protestant ” Hail Jesus” and keep on chanting for more than 10 to15 minutes.The bad energies will get removed very slowly by the way of yawning,tingling feeling in the body or itching on the skin and repeat for number of days over a month at least once daily until you feel comfortable with positive energy.Kindly excuse me as I am a Hindu Brahmin from Chennai,India and I do not know any of your customs and hence I shall write back to you if you need any more information regarding this and I shall reply to you to an extent as i know of it please.

A note and addition for the above post
as the salt water is contaminated with bad energies Kindly throw out the water in the bucket or tub into your bath room toilet and pour another bucket of water to clean it and rinse the bucket also thoroughly before using it.

I am absolutely sorry a wrong two posts above here and should have been parked in the “lightworkers” under bad energies preventing us from doing good work and this one is also likely to be that of the bad energies and God had saved me from that and sorry again for the displaced post please

Veronica Bartley

There is a god and there is also Satan you are all forgetting. This is another way to steer us away from god/ It was never intended for man. this is why mankind fell to sin we had it all and we always wanted more. More knowledge more wisdom, more money, more love Need I say more. Its not from god and he is not your enemy.
You think you are awakened think again, you are going deeper into satans rabbit hole. Truly I fell for this also and thought the same as you all. This is another deception to draw you away from God.


I disagree to say “all”knowledge is of satan is not correct. Sure satan and his minions can and do twist “True Knowledge” to play on mans flesh. However all knowledge when received in pure intentions (not necessarily ‘good’ intentions) is quite a delecta balance. To say that all the modern medicine etc is of satan is not true. Is it possible it became very distorted by satan and misguided?absolutely yes! Would that mean it can not be corrected? I could not personally say never without first saying it, how about you?


Listen to your heart. I have been asking myself the same question, but the Voice of Truth tells us, yet we still question. Listen and believe the Voice of Truth.
If we have to ask this question at all, I believe this implies that we should not access it at all. In reality, things are black and white. Good and bad, God and the evil one(s). And their 5000000+ shades of gray that all belong to the evil. I would never want anything but God and His goodness guiding me. So, pray to Him specifically that His Will is done and what is MEANT to be revealed to you will be in His way, in His time, for His purpose. Not our own “knowledge” or excitement or pleasure. These are all things that the dark beings play upon to bring us further downward and away to our true calling where we belong with Love which is God.
I’m talking to myself as well.
God bless you


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