What are the Akashic files?

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Subcommander Avocado

Records of everything that has ever happened on the Astral Plane, I think.


I believe the term is Akashic Records. What they are is a fictional record of everything that has ever happened and, for some people, everything that is going to happen.
Note the term fictional.


They are the recordings of all of our past lives- so you have 89 past life Akashic files. I have 49- I fervently do not want to review this life- maybe Om will let me sit it out- the good and the bad. Maybe they can separate it and let me see the red flagged parts that I want to see. Anyways, angels record our brain scans when we are reviewed and put into paper files. They are pertinent to our passing and failing and charts. They may help us remember what we want to work on in a life- like me- I have a tendency to interrupt people- and I almost can not help it. I feel bad about it and I am more aware of it, but I would like to know why I do that. Actually I know that it was because of jim, but that is what I would like to work on for the next lifetime I have. We can read them any time we want, but they are personal and no one can read them without our permission. It is kinda neat and like a diary of our lives. Our brain waves are the same in Hebew and so is our memory- and well we have a longer memory- so the written record is good. I gotta sleep- good night everyone.


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