What are the advantages of opening one's third eye?





I do heard some morbid things about the experience of a person who has an open third eye..but I’m curious to it’s advantages


  1. The key word seems to be intuition. How ever it is agreed that we should try to open it under some guide with good experience.

  2. the third eye has got an advantage in that it makes people see the oneness of everything. your dream will be of God that is seeing everyone becoming wise, you see the world in your eyes where everything is pure and white. their is no worry or fear for you definitely know that tomorrow will come. you are the comforter of every soul. the problem is when you open it innitially u become ultra egocentric. you judge as you will be able to tell what other people are thinking. you really judge because of the ability to tell ones character.. you start to see life like a dream you dont really worry about much staff…………. m not english forgive me…

  3. It has advantages and disadvantages. It is also very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Most ancient cultures that had this practice had what you call spirit guides, usually family spirits that haven’t crossed over, and if you are not carefull, something ‘else’ might pretend to be benvolent, and lead you to things that are… bad.
    But clairvoyance, or using your third eye, if practiced, and let you see things that have happened, generally have a greater understanding of the events and forces acting around you.
    With your third eye, you can see things, what taoist call the nine levels of heaven(think thats what its called). These levels are supposedly at various vibrations of existance, and each level show different things, and has different qualities.
    For more info on this subject, look of chakras and third eye on the internet, hope I was of help…

  4. Clarity… It means you’re spiritually awake and suseptible to your surroundings..Somes the third eye can be a reflection of your sensitivity to the world and it can see right through anyone and look
    into their soul. It’s a magnet, it allures others with a simple lock when it knows family, and when I mean family, I refer to others who have their third eye awaken. It’s remarkable and you’ll understand better if you find someone with it open too… You can do magic and miracles… I know from experience. If you really feel the need to know the connection between that chakra and you… if you have another person lick, touch, kiss your forehead you should feel unusual sensitivity to it and it might open a door pleasure without sex.

  5. Most of us already see pictures in our minds eye. Being able
    to perceive things on a spiritual level will of course erase
    any doubts one might have as to whether there is a spirit
    Only by living right though, will one overcome the fear of what
    that world might contain.

  6. the awareness is the main thing that comes to my mind
    you just have to practice. sheilding is good good to learn along with it.

  7. For one thing you become more attuned to people and their motives. For another you become more understanding of people who are not as spiritually adept as you.

    • I love the benefit of both of those things. Sometimes things go unsaid .I mostly want to know the clear path for myself and help others .

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