Home Discussion Forum What are the advantages and disadvantages of reincarnation?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of reincarnation?

Is reincarnation evil or good?
What are your thoughts on this?
What do your holy teachers and holy books say about this?
(Of course, this is another interfaith question. Thanks!)
At least materially reincarnation is an inconvenience. We have to suffer the discomforts and possibly pains of death. There is not telling if or how much we might suffer after death. Then, when we have to take birth again, we may encounter so much suffering in the womb, so much suffering getting out of the womb, so much suffering being a helpless child and so on.
Our present body is a very real illusion. So, when we reincarnate, we are just entering into another very real illusion. When will we be our true eternal selves?


  1. -It’s fake.
    -Stupid and just like the fairy tale stuff in other religions.
    -I’m Atheist, so I’m not stuck with any of that nonsense.

  2. First of all, reincarnation is a foolish myth.
    If it were true, it would be a terrible thing.
    Since we are all born in sin, we could never come back and “get it right” no matter how many chances we got.

  3. Bible says these are the first bodies but if we cooperate we will have new ones but we will still be ourselves…
    Reincarnation is a lie….real Christians dont believe that Who wants to be a dog anyway? dont we want to be ourselves again with a whole lifetime of memories??? of course

  4. Thats like asking what are the advantages and disadvantages of life. How do you answer a question like that? And what does reincarnation have to do with good or evil?

  5. what could be wrong with level the scale of all pass behaviors rather good or bad you would have to be paid in the same weight which the deed was done, now imagine that!

  6. It can’t be to make up for previous mistakes because our memories die with us, so essentially we are born again and again and again (if we are in fact reincarnated). You would have to ask someone who is able to recall living a previous life.

  7. I don’t know what other holy books say but the bible has several references to other lives. No matter, the bible was written by men anyway. I believe that we can live multiple lives if we want. There have been many testimonies of people, especially children, who have known something or someone that died way before they were born. I have read that when we come back we do so with a specific purpose in mind. We come back for the advancement of knowledge to our souls. I like the idea a lot. It makes sense to me.

  8. If reincarnation were true, then many people would live their lives living sinfully—AND knowing that they were living sinfully–because they would justify it with “Hey, I’ll get it right the next life.” Also, murder and especially abortion would be okay because you would just “be sending the person to their next life” and not really ending the one chance at life that person was given. Also, people would look for people who were once famous in their contempories–for example, we might today attempt to locate Adolf Hitler–perhaps this new person would be killed for the crimes of his “former life.” Also, if you believe that you can be reincarnated in any form of animal or plant life, our cities would become overrun by rodents and insects–since nobody would want to kill them not knowing “who” they are.
    I think there is plethora of reasons why the Devil would want us to believe in reincarnation, not the least of which is that reincarnation means there is no Hell or eternal consequences to the choices we make on Earth.
    Thanks for reading. God Bless!

  9. I think it was in the 1700’s that reincarnation was outlawed by the Christian faith. – it took place in Constantinople.
    The Church used their doctrine to control their parishoners. I believe in reincarnation – it makes more sense. To come back to Earth, to learn the lessons you did not previously, or to suffer what you did to others. In the Bible it says the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children. Interpret this, as you create your own sins and so you will suffer. My belief is that Earth is the intermediatary school. You keep coming back until you have learnt your lessons. Go back over the civilisations, and man never seems to learn, hence my theory. Now? Evil is running rampant on a more wide-spread scale only caused by technology. However, the sins of today, were there yesterday, but more confined and restricted due to lack of technology. I hope I don’t get reincarnated to somewhere like Palestine, Da Fore (can’t spell it) -next time. As you go through life, you will absorb and think things through. Experience will give you the answer to your question.

  10. ONE of the objections to the theory of reincarnation is that the vast majority of people on earth have no recollection at all of having lived before. Furthermore, they do not even think that they could have lived earlier lives.
    It is true that we sometimes have a strange feeling of recognizing a person that we meet for the first time. A certain house, town, or scenic area may seem familiar to us, although we know that it is the first time we have been there. However, these things can be explained without having to resort to the theory of reincarnation.
    For example, certain places in widely separated areas may be somewhat alike, so that when we visit a new place, we may feel that we have been there before, though we have not. Many houses, offices, shops, towns, and scenic areas in some parts of the world bear a similarity to their counterparts in other places. That they seem similar to what we have seen before is not proof that we have been in those places in a previous life. They just resemble places we are familiar with.
    This is also true regarding people. Some are quite similar to others in appearance, even having what has been called a double. A person may have mannerisms that remind us of someone else still living or even of one who has died. But we have known those people in this present life, not in some former existence. Similarity in looks or personality does not mean that these people were known to us in a previous life. No doubt all of us have at times mistaken one person for another. But both of those individuals have been alive at the same time as you and not in some former life. It has nothing to do with reincarnation.
    Even experiences under the influence of hypnosis can be explained without having to resort to the theory of reincarnation. Our subconscious mind constitutes a storehouse of information much more comprehensive than we may imagine. Information reaches this storehouse via books, magazines, TV, radio, and through other experiences and observations.
    Much of this information is stored away in some hidden corner of our subconscious mind because we have no direct or immediate use for it. Our subconscious mind is somewhat like library books for which there is little present demand and that have therefore been put away on a secluded shelf.
    However, under hypnosis, the subject’s consciousness is changed so that forgotten memories can surface. Some people interpret these as being of a former life, but they are nothing more than present-life experiences that we had temporarily forgotten.
    There are, though, a few cases that may be more difficult to explain in a natural way. An example is when a person starts to speak another “language” under the influence of hypnosis. Sometimes the language is comprehensible, but often it is not. Those who believe in reincarnation may say that this is a language the person spoke in an earlier life.
    Yet, it is well-known that speaking in so-called tongues also occurs when people are in a state of mystic or religious ecstasy. Those having such experiences are convinced that it has nothing to do with a former life but that they are being influenced by some unseen power in the present life.
    Opinions vary as to what power this is. In a joint declaration by the Fountain Trust and the Church of England Evangelical Council, it was stated with regard to speaking in tongues: “We are also aware that a similar phenomenon can occur under occult/demonic influence.” So to assume that such phenomena are proof that we have lived a former life would be jumping to a false conclusion.
    What, then, of the near-death experiences that people say they have had? These have been interpreted by some as proof that a person has a soul that lives on after the death of the body. But such experiences are far better explained in several natural ways.
    In the March 1991 issue of the French scientific magazine Science & Vie, the different stages of near-death experiences are called “a universal prototype of hallucination” that has long been known. Similar experiences have not been restricted to those in near-death situations. They can also occur in connection with “fatigue, fever, epileptic attacks, drug abuse.”
    A neurosurgery pioneer, Wilder Penfield, who operated on epileptics who were under local anesthesia, made an interesting discovery. He found that by stimulating different parts of the brain with an electrode, he could cause the patient to have the feeling of being outside his own body, traveling through a tunnel, and meeting dead relatives.
    An interesting detail in this respect is that children who have had near-death experiences meet, not their dead relatives, but schoolmates or teachers–those who are still alive. This indicates that such experiences have a certain cultural connection. What is experienced is connected with the present life, not with something beyond death.
    Dr. Richard Blacher writes in the magazine The Journal of the American Medical Association: “Dying, or suffering a perilous physical situation, is a process; death is a state.” As an example, Blacher speaks of a person who for the first time is flying from the United States to Europe. “The plane flight is not [being in] Europe,” he writes. The tourist who departs for Europe, but whose plane turns around and returns some minutes after the start, can’t tell people more about Europe than anyone returning from a coma can tell anyone about death.
    Those who have been near death have, in other words, never actually been dead. They experienced something while they were still alive. And a person is still alive even seconds before his death. They were near death but not yet dead.
    Even those whose heart has briefly stopped and who have then been revived cannot really remember anything from those moments of unconsciousness when they could have been termed “dead.” What they remember, if anything, would be what happened at the time approaching that brief interruption, not during it.
    The published near-death experiences are almost always depicted as being positive, although it is known that negative experiences also occur. The French psychoanalyst Catherine Lemaire explains it in this way: “Those who haven’t experienced a [near death] fitting the pattern imposed by IANDS [International Association for Near-Death Studies] have no interest in telling their story.”
    The fact is that we have no experience of life other than that which we now live, neither a former life nor a life beyond death. Hence, we have no legitimate memories of anything but the life we have actually lived.
    Those who believe in reincarnation say that the very meaning of being reborn is to get a new chance to better our situation. If we really had lived earlier lives, yet had forgotten them, such a loss of memory would constitute a great handicap. It is by remembering our mistakes that we can profit from them.
    Also, those who uphold so-called reincarnation therapy feel that you can better cope with present problems if, by means of hypnosis, you can remember earlier lives. The theory says that we are born again in order to better something, yet we have forgotten what that something is.
    A loss of memory in the present life is considered a handicap. It must be the same in this case. Objecting by saying that such forgetfulness does not matter, since only good people are reborn as humans, is not a sound argument in this day and age when wickedness dominates the world scene more than ever. If only good people are reborn as humans, where did all the wicked people come from? Should not there be fewer and fewer wicked people? The truth is: Nobody, good or wicked, is ever reincarnated to begin another life as a human or anything else for that matter.

  11. I think that people who don’t believe in reincarnation are miserable in their current lives so the idea of coming back is an awful idea.
    Reincarnation is the only thing that makes sense to me. I don’t believe that the soul can die. I have done a couple of past life regressions and what I saw in those life times explained a great deal to me about my current life and the challenges I have had.
    There is a lot of information out there to support reincarnation, my most favorite book is “Many lives many masters”.

  12. Life after life or life after death or reincarnation of souls is a well believed faith .We cannot understand it unless we solve the problem”Who I am?” Actually we are diff rent souls in diff rent bodies and go on taking new bodies after the death of old bodies.For want of space I cannot explain it properly,so I suggest to go through http://WWW.BRAHMAKUMARIS:COM or take a free course of 7hours in7days in any of the 7000 centres near you.

  13. I believe in reincarnation.
    Advantages: You gain as much experience as possible. You have many opportunities. You get to meet tons of other souls and learn to interact with them. You continue until you are the best you can be, instead of just stopping after one life before you got to your full potential. If you screwed up, you can try again, whereas in some religions, if you screwed up, “you are screwed.” You will be extremely wise and knowledgeable, righteous, and godly before you actually encounter the Divine yourself. You will be better prepared for that encounter due to the wisdom and experience you’ve gained.
    Disadvantages: It takes work and time. You may get tired of the journey, but in order to reach the end, you still have to continue on. It might be hard dealing with changing attachments to various souls- for instance, will you meet back up with your family again in the next life? Or will you be born with another family so as to learn even more and avoid repetition. More challenging, more learning and growing than just having one shot and calling it quits afterwards. (However, I think all of these “disadvantages” are a good thing and help you grow- builds character so-to-speak).

  14. if the “good” and “real” Christians do not believe in reincarntaion…. how do you justify worshiping a man that rose from the dead, and brought people back from the dead?
    Reincarnation is a belief of many Pagan coltures, especially among the Neo-Pagan modern religions.
    the belief is that we are on a spiritual journey to learn all that we can.
    it is not a game to try to “get it right” even thoes that have gotten it right have been back many times.
    the bodies that the sould inhabit do not always remember the past lives,,,because if they could it would create many peoblems,
    and would not be a good way to learn.
    ever run into a 80 year old man that thinks that he has seen and knows it all…hell i run into teenagers like that. (i was one of them)
    well if we remembered all of our past lives, then a soul that had lived 100 times before would become concrete in his knowlege.
    basically the “you cant tell me anything i was there” attitude.
    so we are re-born without mamories of past lives so that we can experience life from a new perspective every time.
    and here again, i do not believe that this is the case for us all.
    i am Pagan i know that i have been here bofore and will be here again.
    however i still believe that Christians get their heaven when they die.
    now this would bring the question, “why would i choose this, multiple lives over an instant path to heaven?”
    well i just guess that you would have to be pagan to understand this one.,

  15. sounds like you’d already know the answer. there is no advantage or disavantage of reincarnation. it’s just the way of life. when during the time on earth, we try to better ourselves spiritually and mentally. and the output toward mankind is pure and full of compassion. in the mean time of rid ourselves of evil. then we will be enlighten.


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