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What are telekinesis, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis and chronokinesis?

I have a friend who likes to know the names of superpowers (it’s weird, i know) and he has said lots, but i have only heard of these. What are they?

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  1. telekinesis and psychokinesis are the same things, moving stuff with the mind like Dr. Jean Grey, who died and came back as the dark pheonix in the 3rd x-men movie.
    Pyrokinesis is controlling flames, like the Human Torch of the fantastic 4.
    Chronokinesis is controlling time, like Hiro in the tv series Heroes.

  2. One “superpower” is named Apollyon, also goes by the name Abaddon (Hebrew decension). They are demonic manifestations. They have nothing to do with mental ability of the person.

  3. In real life, they are science fiction. On the Internet, they are the super powers claimed most often by boasters.

  4. Telekinesis (TK)- moving objects over a distance without touching
    Psychokinesis – Usually refers to (TK)
    Pyrokinesis (PK)- Manipulation of fire
    Chronokinesis (CHK)- Manipulation of time
    Hydrokinesis (HK)- Manipulation of water
    Cryokinesis (CK)- Manipulation of ice
    Aerokinesis (AK)-Manipulation of wind or air
    Atmokinesis (??)- Manipulation of atmosphere like storm and clouds
    Biokinesis (BK)- Manipulation of living traits like changing eye color
    Electrokinesis (EK)- Manipulation of electricity
    Geokinesis (GK)- Manipulation of earth like rocks and minerals
    Lumokinesis (LK?)- Manipulation of light.
    Thermokinesis (??)- Manipulation of the temperature of an area
    Umbrakinesis (UK)- Manipulation of shadows


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