• Telekinesis (TK)- moving objects over a distance without touching
    Psychokinesis – Usually refers to (TK)
    Pyrokinesis (PK)- Manipulation of fire
    Chronokinesis (CHK)- Manipulation of time
    Hydrokinesis (HK)- Manipulation of water
    Cryokinesis (CK)- Manipulation of ice
    Aerokinesis (AK)-Manipulation of wind or air
    Atmokinesis (??)- Manipulation of atmosphere like storm and clouds
    Biokinesis (BK)- Manipulation of living traits like changing eye color
    Electrokinesis (EK)- Manipulation of electricity
    Geokinesis (GK)- Manipulation of earth like rocks and minerals
    Lumokinesis (LK?)- Manipulation of light.
    Thermokinesis (??)- Manipulation of the temperature of an area
    Umbrakinesis (UK)- Manipulation of shadows

  • In real life, they are science fiction. On the Internet, they are the super powers claimed most often by boasters.

  • One “superpower” is named Apollyon, also goes by the name Abaddon (Hebrew decension). They are demonic manifestations. They have nothing to do with mental ability of the person.

  • telekinesis and psychokinesis are the same things, moving stuff with the mind like Dr. Jean Grey, who died and came back as the dark pheonix in the 3rd x-men movie.
    Pyrokinesis is controlling flames, like the Human Torch of the fantastic 4.
    Chronokinesis is controlling time, like Hiro in the tv series Heroes.

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