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What are some witch myths from the past?

I am looking for diffrent witch myths from the past, no offence to any of you witches reading this, I just want to use some of the myths for a project I am working on. You know teachers wouldn’t beleive any of the real things :P.


  1. The problem you will have is that there are no real “Witch” myths except those made up by those who persecuted crafters whom they called witches.
    In the early usage of the word Witch a woman who plied the craft of Midwifery would sometimes be condemned because a new born had a birth mark. The father could go to his clergyman and asked if the child was marked for sacrifice to Satan. If the clergyman inspected the child and concurred, the Midwife would be charged with Witchcraft and consorting with the Devil. She could be exiled, or if the child died for any reason, hung.

  2. the avalonian mythology would suit you perfectly – It shows a time where magicians and witches played a big part in society in a positive and negative way – If you look into the enchantresses and sorcessors:
    Lady Morgana Le fay – {translte}The lady Morgana The Faery
    Lady Mab – {queen of the witches}
    Merlin Of Emarise
    Theres is a romantic story of magick,love and power struggle in a very witchey way – And it holds more true to the witch-legend that wiccans today identify with more so than the myths created and manipulated by the christian aquisitions.
    Good Luck!


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