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What are some Wiccan or Pagan community websites where I can interact with others like me?

I am still learning and have not decided on it yet but I am ready to interact and maybe gets some help because right now I am doing everything from the books Teen Witch and To Ride A Silver Broomstick.


  1. WitchVox has listing from all over the world, you could start there.
    Oh, and forget Silver RavenWolf she contradicts herself far too much.
    Buy Scott Cunningham’s Wicca: A Guide to the Solitary Practitioner it’s a better starter book.

  2. Look up yahoo groups for Wiccans and there’s some you can learn from on livejournal to.
    Also I’ve read that it usually takes 365 days and another one to really think seriously about becoming a Wicca. Good luck with your path.

  3. Well i honestly find wiccans a little annoying but i have found some infestations of them on witchvox.com and paganspace.net.
    Oh and dont trust anyone 100 percent some wiccans have a bad habit of making things up so they can feel more important.

  4. Witchvox.com is definitely the place to go. I always go on there to read articles, learn about ritual tools, see certain magick steps, and so on. If you are truly interested in meeting local Wiccans and Pagans, I would visit the nearest New Age store. There are lot of ‘underground’ followers who buy tools there. Also, try Meetup.com.

  5. http://www.witchvox.com is good.
    Ravenwolf is okay for the 101 stuff, but beyond that, you really can’t rely on her informaton. Scott Cunningham or Laurie Cabot is much better.
    If you’d like to just talk with someone, and get a few answers to what ever questions you have, you can contact me.

  6. The witchvox site is probably the biggest individual one.
    Apart from that I’d look at the various mailing lists & see if there’s anything local to you.


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