What are some Wicca names that start with either an I or an R?

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i need some wicca names that start with an i or an r. im trying to look for mine. please help me. if you need to ask questions then just ask

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Hot Head



Raven. There are way too many Wiccans out there named Raven.

Actual Answer

There are no specific types of Wiccan names (i.e. Wiccans choose whatever names they want to from multiple inspiration sources). You could choose Ivy or Rowan if you dig plants; Iris or Rhea if you want a deity name; the list can go on. Find something that rings true with you.


or like that other guy said.
Ruth is a popular one.


Try reading this:
Seriously. No name we come up with here will be appropriate.

Rai A

Trying to work out what you’re looking for.
My “Wiccan Name” is my Patron Goddess & is only used in rituals.
The Hippy-ish name I’ve seen people adopt – some as far as legally – a “Native American-like” name. This is not vital, it’s personal & (while I might sometimes privately cringe,) I don’t judge one way or the other. People’s inspirations are wide & varied, I’ve seen Tolkien characters, Celtic legends & Animals Incorporated.
As I said it’s very personal & varied choice.


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